Best GO Launcher EX Themes for Android

One of the best things about Android is that it offers many customization options. You can create a unique experience with the help of a variety of options. In terms of appearance, you can rely on solutions like GO Launcher EX, which offers a versatile way to personalize the look of your Android device’ interface. GO Launcher EX offers a wide range of features that can be adjusted. You get amazing special effects and exclusive widgets. With GO Launcher EX, you can transform your tablet or smartphone’s screen, adding a new and vibrant look to it. There are many options to adapt your device to your own style. In this list, you will find the best Go Launcher themes available. Before we check the options, check below the steps to apply Go Launcher themes.

How to apply Go Launcher EX themes

Applying Go Launcher themes is simple. You just need to complete the below steps to apply the theme that you prefer.

  1. Download and install the Go Launcher theme that you prefer
  2. Don’t open the theme during the installation
  3. Launch Go Launcher EX from your Android and then from the menu click on themes. Then select your favorite theme and apply.

Cyanogen GO Launcher EX Theme

Created by Sergio Andre Fagundes, this amazing theme offers a sci-fi feel and it features over 560 great icons, wallpapers and folder. Its beautiful design uses light blue and will bring something different to your Android screen. The free version offers 30 extra large icons, but you can get many more with in-app purchases.

White Soul Go Launcher Theme

Freedom design brings a straightforward theme with a simple, yet elegant white background. It is uncluttered and stylish, and it offers smart performance. There are many icons, wallpapers and the theme also comes with folder and drawer interface. It features in-app purchases.

Firefly GO Launcher Theme

This gorgeous theme features flashing fireflies and it is ideal for people who love nature and who want to add a special touch to their Android. It has a great selection of beautiful wallpapers and app drawer interface. Created by Freedom Design, Firefly GO is a magical and inspiring option.

Forest GO Launch Theme

Another ideal option for people who love nature. It offers an enchanting design that will take you to a peaceful landscape surrounded by trees and beautiful animals. The theme focuses on green forests and it offers gorgeous images and impressive app icons. You need to use in-app purchases or Getjar Golds.

Funny Flat GO Launcher Theme

Funny Flat is another great option created by Freedom Design. It offers an amusing appearance that will brighten up your day with its pretty icons. There are also cool wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Keep in mind that like with other themes, you have to pay in order to use it. You can download it from Google Play but then you will have to use in app-purchases or Getjar Golds.

Glass Go Launcher Theme

This theme makes your screen look like a window, with beautiful red and blue tones and a touch of rain. You can use it for free and get almost 30 icons and 2 wallpapers. There is a folder and app drawer interface available. Glass Go was created by and it enjoy a high rating in the Google Play Store.

Miracle Go Launcher Theme

This theme created by focuses on giving your screen a full makeover. It is a free option that features smooth icons and stunning wallpapers. There is a folder option available, as well as app drawer interface. It is a simple and appealing theme.

My Youth GO Launcher Theme

Here is another theme created by and it adds a modern, urban look to your Go Launcher experience. My Youth GO Launcher Theme has a graffiti design and it uses minimal app icons and amazing wallpapers. It also has a fast and stylish app drawer interfere.

Black Elf GO Launcher Theme

Apart from having a cool name, Black Elf GO Launcher has a striking design that relies on powerful font and modern looking app icons. Gamers will appreciate the beautiful black and bright look. Just bear in mind that this theme from Freedom Design requires in-app purchases. Alternatively you can pay with Getjar Golds.

Calm GO Launcher Theme

Here is a free solution with a minimalist, yet appealing design. It offers great looking icons with brilliant color that gives a solid look to your device. It is beautiful and simple and the best part is that unlike other options in the list, Calm GO Launcher Theme is completely free.

Eternally GO Launcher Theme

This highly rated theme combines simplicity and appealing looks. It is free to use and it will captivate you with its solid wallpapers and folder. Eternally GO Launcher Theme is an intuitive solution that uses great app icons with a minimalist look. Its app drawer interface offers great performance.

Lion Go Launcher Theme

The Lion Go Launcher theme by is one of the best options that you can get, particularly if you want something powerful that stands out. The elegance and majestic presence of the Lion is used as inspiration for this theme that features a smooth app drawer interface.

Tonight GO Launcher Theme

The beautiful images and the great combination of light and dark make this another great option to make your Android experience really unique. There are two stunning wallpapers available and the theme also comes with great app icons, folder and app drawer interface.

Dark Zero Go Launcher Theme

Freedom Design brings you a theme with a clean design and a great selection of smooth icons, as well as an app drawer. Apart from offering amazing design, it is a great option thanks to its solid performance.

GO Launcher EX UI5.0 Theme

This simple and efficient Go Launcher by GOMO Go is available for free. It has hundreds of unique and original designed icons, as well as a new special customized wallpaper. The launcher automatically adapts to a variety of screen resolutions.

NEON Blue GO Launcher Theme

This is a simple and beautiful solution that features neon blue background. Created by AVillardoArts, comes with a good selection of icons and cool wallpapers. It features ads, but there is also a paid version available, if you want to get rid of the ads.

Pale GO Launcher Theme

Pale Go Launcher is available for free and its background can be changed. Apart from offering a good design, it is simple and also straightforward. Pale GO Launcher Theme is that it has a very good design and its dedicated icons are fantastic. It has app folder and fast app drawer interface.

Pinky Cat Go Launcher Theme

If you want something cute and pink is your favorite color, this is the perfect theme for you. It is filled with great details that will make things fun when you manage your Android device. Pinky Cat Go Launcher Theme is another creation of Freedom Design and it features great app icons and wallpapers.

Life Time GO Launch Theme

Life Time GO Launch Theme is a wonderful solution for anyone who wants a cute, unique and simple theme. It includes wallpapers, icon packs and more. The background offers amusing details. Although some users have reported performance issues, we hope that the developers work to get these fixed very soon.

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