Best Home Cholesterol Test Kits

As they say health is wealth and one way to ensure you are healthy is through monitoring. Cholesterol is one of the most important things one has to check regularly. However, going to the hospital and checking up with a doctor could be tiring and time consuming. Good news as you could check your cholesterol count at the comfort of your own home through cholesterol kits. These kits are easy to use and does not need any professional help or assistance for you to be able to operate it.

Having a home test kit for your cholesterol is very convenient, hassle-free, efficient and very effective way to check and monitor your cholesterol count. Moreover, you could get your results in an instant compared to getting checked in a hospital wherein results usually gets available after a few days.

Recommended Cholesterol Test Kits

1. Cardio Chek Basic Analyzer

The Cardiochek Basic Analyzer comes with three test strips for HD, three for triglyceride, nine lancets and nine capillaries. This kit ensures you that you have the right size blood droplet for your strips and each test strip is labeled with expiry date. This kit is perfect for ages 45 and above for men and 55 for women who are suffering from coronary heart disease. Through CardioChek, you could monitor your HDL, blood pressure and diabetes as well.

2. Contour Diabetes Testing Kit

This kit comes with 100 test strips, 100 active forward lancets, Micro Lancing Device, Contour Next Diabetes EZ Monitor, Control Solution log book, user manual and Carry Case. Contour Diabetes Testing Kit has been considered as one of the best home cholesterol test kits as you could get 5 results instantly. Just take a blood sample and you could read your results.

3. CardioCheck Device for Blood Testing

CardioCheck Device for Blood Testing includes six HDL strips for cholesterol, CardioChek analyzer, another six strips for triglyceride, capillary tubes and 18 lancers. This test provides accurate results just in 3 to 5 minutes.

4. CardioChek Testing for Cholesterol Kit

CardioChek Testing Kit for Cholesterol is probably one of the most complete and reliable testing kit for cholesterol. It has three test strips for triglyceride, 3 strips for total cholesterol, another three strips for HDL. It also comes with a pip and lancers.

5. Female Hormone Test

This test kit is perfect for testing women for fertility, metabolism, menstruation. Basically, anything that has to do with female hormones, this is the kit that addresses it. It is easy to use and very essential for women. All you have to do is provide a sample of your saliva and it will provide you data that you would need. Once you are done with the results, however, you would need to send it to Verisana Laboratory.

6. Blood Ketone and Glucose Monitoring System

Blood Ketone and Glucose Monitoring System comes with 10 testing strips for blood glucose, 10 keto strips and 50 lancets. It also offers 5-year warranty for the device that this kits comes with. This kit is amazing and very accurate.

7. 23andMe DNA Test – Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service

This test comes with over 85 online reports based on DNA. All you have to do is check their products through their website, . They are known for providing accurate and reliable test results. All they need is your saliva sample and send it to them and they will provide you your results.

8. DNA Test Kit Health

For this kit, you will be able to know which medication is perfect for your condition. Moreover, this kit will let you know if you are starting to get bald, gain muscles, become obese and what your alcohol intolerance is. All your results and data are kept secured and highly private.

9. Diurnal Cortisol (Cx4)

This kit uses saliva sample to know whether you have high or low levels of cortisol. Moreover, this kit does not only monitor your cortisol level on the time you took the test but rather it could also monitor the rise and fall of your cortisol level for 24 hours. For better understanding, cortisol is important in fighting stress.

10. Adrenal Stress Profile – Saliva Test Kit

Like Diurnal, this kit also monitors stress levels, fatigue and adrenal effect. It also tests 5 hormone levels of your body. This kit is perfect for those individuals who are suffering from sleep disturbances, allergies and weak immune system

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