Best iPhone Barometric Pressure Apps

The iPhone offers advanced technology and there are many apps that allow you to take advantage of its functionality. Digital compass, proximity sensor, touch ID fingerprint reader are some of the features supported. One of the things that you can do with your iPhone is to use it as a barometer. Thanks to the powerful built-in technology in your iPhone, it can be used as a detection tool in different situations. Using the iPhone as a barometer allows you to measure air pressure and altitude elevation changes that facilitate weather forecasting. Before taking a look at the apps that allow you to take advantage of your iPhone’s functionality, let’s take a look at the features that make it possible to use your iPhone as a barometer.

Elevation Estimation

With elevation estimation, it is possible to read the current air pressure and compare it with sea level to calculate current elevation. Thanks to this application, your iPhone can calculate the elevation that has been climbed and it delivers instant results that allow you to see the change in the value for each feet that has been climbed. It works offline, using GPS.

Physical activity tracking

The barometer app can also be used to calculate the physical activity while climbing stairs, for example. It relies on electromagnetic field radiation to find the physical activity.

Weather forecasting

You can use the iPhone’s barometer app for weather forecasting purposes. If low pressure is detected, the chances of rain are high, but if there is fast pressure, it is likely that the sun will shine. The barometer sensor in the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and above is a practical feature that facilitates weather forecasting.

Best Barometer Apps for iPhone

Barometer & Altimeter Pro

Barometer & Altimeter Pro by Steffen Bauereiss relies on the barometric pressure sensor included in the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8 and the latest iPhone X, as well as the Plus versions of other models. It is also compatible with multiple iPad model including the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro. As long as the iOS device has the barometric pressure sensor, you should have no issues using the app. It features a barometer for weather, as well as an altimeter that will come handy for outdoor activities. The app also comes with a barometric Trend and Notification Center Widget. You can download Barometer & Altimeter Pro for free and enjoy most of its functionality, but there are in-app purchases that offer additional features. It is a comprehensive and effective solution.

Barometer and Altimeter

Created by AFS software, this app is a free and practical solution to detect estimating elevation and it is also useful when it comes to calculating air pressure for weather forecasting. It displays the current barometric pressure, using the air pressure sensor of your iPhone or iPad. The Barometer shows the current air pressure, the measured maximum and minimum. In addition, in order to increase the accuracy of the measured value, it is possible to move the sensor. It works with iPhone 6, 6 plus and above, as well as with iPad Air 2 and other options. The app is compatible with iOS 8 and above.

Bar-o-Meter – Altimeter & Barometer

Bar-o-Meter is an app created by NETTuno that can read the pressure from the barometer sensor in order to calculate your altitude. This app can also provide weather forecast and it displays the pressure in different measure units. With Bar-o-Meter, you can find your altitude from the pressure measured from your device with the help of the barometric formula and using your location. Thanks to the convenient widget, you can always keep an eye on the pressure. The app also features pressure and altitude charts. It supports multiple measure units and relative altitude to show you how up and down you hiked, based on the pressure measure of your iPhone or iPad. Bar-o-Meter also offers great animations and graphics. It is available for free.

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