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iTunes is widely used around the world, mainly because iOS devices are very popular and they rely on iTunes to handle media transfers, software updates and more. Although the iPhone, iPad and other devices don’t depend on iTunes as much as they used to, this is just because even the drivers for iDevices are only installed on your computer once you install iTunes. Although iTunes has a great looking interface, there are some flaws that affect your experience with the application. The software packs a lot of features, which makes it cluttered. If you are looking for an option that works as an alternative that you can use along with iTunes (you would still need to run it in the background), but that is suitable for daily use, you can consider any of the simple options in our list. The applications in this list are focused on managing and playing media, but they can also help with other aspects like device management and syncing.


To enjoy advanced media management capabilities, consider Tomahawak. This impressive tool stands out for offering support for a wide range of platforms including Linux, Mac, Android and Windows. In addition, it works with popular services like Spotify, and Soundcloud. You can also share what you are listening to with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. If there is a particular song that you want to listen to, even if it is not in your personal music library, you can rely on Tomahawk. It will go through all the sources available to locate the best version of the song.


Ecoute stands out for its innovative interface that ensures that you can easily manage the functions available. Some elements are only visible when using larger displays. The application is lightweight and it is capable of detecting and importing your iTunes library automatically. It also delivers playback notifications through a widget that is always on top. Ecoute also supports Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media sites. The iOS app can be used as an alternative music player on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.


This flexible media player supports multiple platforms, and it is designed to help you to manage your library and to sync it across devices connected to a WiFi connection. It is one of the best solutions for Mac and Android users, particularly when it comes to syncing the music library with iTunes. doubleTwist is an effective music player, but it doesn’t support advanced features. Still, if you prefer simplicity and an interface that you can get familiar with very easily, doubleTwist is the way to go.


MediaMonkey is a fantastic solution for Windows users. It is powerful and allows you to manage media without hassle. Apart from letting you manage all your music tracks and videos in one place, MediaMonkey lets you find information that you are missing about the files. You can get album art, track details and much more. You can also create playlists based on your listening preferences, remove duplicates, record music from audio/video disks and more. Although it slightly more complicated than other tools available, MediaMonkey deserves to be considered thanks to its powerful performance and wide list of features.


If you are mainly interested in a solution that supports media playback functions, you can rely on Swinsian. It can be linked to your account and it supports social integration. The highlights of Swinsian are the easy metadata/ID3 tag editing and the auto-detection of AirPlay ports, when they are available. Swinsian has an interface that is similar to iTunes and it is very easy to use.


You may not have heard about Vox yet, but once you discover everything about it, it will probably become your favorite solution. This unique media player offers seamless integration with SoundCloud and other platforms. With Vox you will enjoy high quality sound and will be able to enjoy your tracks at their best. The “Loop” technology is really what makes Vox an amazing tool. It lets you store your complete music library in the cloud without losing any quality. Vox is also affordable and it supports Mac and iOS.


With SynciOS, you will be able to manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod effectively. It comes with all the necessary features to take control over different aspects of your device. You will be able to transfer media to and from your device, back up its content, sync ringtones, photos, music, videos, books and more. SynciOS is available for Windows and it also gives you access to a lot of practical information about the device connected.

Wondershare TunesGo

Wondershare TunesGo is a comprehensive solution that strives to make iTunes obsolete, or at least, you won’t need to use iTunes as much, no matter what tasks you want to complete. Wondershare’s application allows you to manage iDevices seamlessly and it offers more than just media player/management capabilities. It supports reverse copying, letting you import music from your iOS devices to your computer. With TunesGo, you can sync your iTunes media library with Android devices.

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