Best Language Translation Apps for iPhone / iPad

When you are traveling and can’t speak the language of the country you are visiting, simple tasks like shopping or taking a train can become very difficult. The ideal way to avoid misunderstandings and to make sure that your trip goes smoothly would be to learn the language or to have your own interpreter. However, they both require time and money and when you are a frequent traveller, they would not be suitable options. The practical solution is to turn your iPhone or iPad into a translation tool and this is possible with the help of some great apps designed for this purpose. Apart from Google Translator, there are other apps that will help you to get by when you are abroad and these are some of the best.

SayHi Translate

SayHi offers am award-winning translation app that is practical, comprehensive and effective. It supports over 100 languages and voice to voice translation is enabled. The fact that you can instantly hear yourself speaking a new language every time you use the app, makes it an interesting option. While there are Premium functions available for an additional cost, when you purchase the app for $4.99, you instantly get access to a large selection of languages and features without having to pay for additional packages. SayHi has a straightforward and elegant interface and it acts like an interpreter that is with you anywhere you need it.

Free Translator

This app by myLanguage has been around for quite a while it is trusted by millions of users due to its powerful translation features. It includes an impressive and solid database with extensive vocabulary and functionality that make it an accurate translator. As the name suggests, you can download and use the app for free and there are 59 languages supported including popular languages as well as some unique ones. You can search through previous translations even if you are not online. There is also a separate Pro version that supports voice-based translation.

iStone Travel Translation App

Featuring a sleek and cool interface, the iStone Travel Translation App by Megalith Design is another simple and effective translation solution on the go. It comes with a phrasebook of more than 300 daily phrases related to different aspects of travel like Transportation, Shopping and Greetings. The app also includes a pocket talking book that allows you to listen and practice phrases with perfect pronunciation so you will sound like a local. The intuitive searching options allows you to find what you need easily and you can add new phrases and recordings. It can be used offline and you can get it for free, although there are in-app purchases available if you require support for more languages.


Sonico’s app may seem basic compared to other options, but it is highly reliable and will come handy in many situations. Languages is an incredibly fast translation dictionary that works even when you are offline so you can use it anywhere you are without any hassle. You just need to start typing and after a few letters the app will provide results instantly. The search and browsing options are smart and quick and there are also common phrases included for most languages. There are 12 complete language dictionaries including Swedish-English, Spanish-English, German-French, Dutch-English and more. You can get it for $2.99.

Universal Translator: Google Chat and translation

With Universal Translator by Alteru, you can easily talk to anyone even if you don’t speak the same language. It uses Google Talk as chat and it automatically translates everything you type to the other person’s language. In the same way, when they type, the words will be translated to your language. You just need to type and the app takes care of the translation, allowing you to overcome any communication barriers. It is practical for making new friends around the world or for business purposes. Over 50 languages are supported and you can download it for $2.99.

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