Best Mirror Apps for iPhone

Having a mirror in your purse, or pocket can be really handy. It will help you to check what is causing discomfort while wearing contact lenses, fix your hair or makeup and more. However, if you forgot to carry a mirror, or if you prefer to have less things in your handbag, you can rely on your phone, after all that is one thing that you always want to have with you. Here are the best apps that turn your smartphone is a mirror that is always there when you need it.


You can always be sure that you will be looking your best with the help of this superb mirror app for iOS. Thanks to @Mirror, the front camera of your iPhone serves as pocket mirror that you can always have handy. Thanks to the digital zoom, you can inspect every detail of your appearance. It also features a Night Mode that will help you to use the mirror even if it is very dark. The digital zoom provides impressive detail and it is always possible to freeze the image by increasing its resolution.

Mirror – Put on Makeup, check teeth, take selfie

If you don’t want to add bulk to your handbag, or have the hassle of carrying a pocket mirror in your pocket, you can rely on this app created by Contrast. Your iPhone or iPad can transform into a mirror that includes convenient features like night mode, zoom and more. This mirror app can also help you to take flawless selfies that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and more.

iNight Mirror

Even under poor light conditions, Night Mirror will help you to check your look to make sure that it is the best. This app by Faraz Y is ideal for bars, movie theaters and any other place that is very dark. You don’t need to have a lighted mirror because with this app, you will be able to get a clear view, just by using your iPhone.

A Real Mirror Free

This app is another option for iOS users who want to have a mirror always at hand. It is ideal for putting on make up, checking your appearance before a date, fix your hairstyle and much more. It is simple, but it fulfills its purpose of helping users to avoid having to carry a mirror, since it can be easily replaced with your iPhone.

YouCam Makeup – Virtual Makeover & Beauty Studio

YouCam Makeup is more than a pocket mirror. It offers makeover functions that will help you to create and new and amazing look. It features an extensive selection of makeup and beauty products that you can try to bring something new to your appearance. You can test all the options without actually having to make any changes. It is very practical and it lets you figure out if a particular style really suits you.

Mirror ♡

Created by Big Blue Clip, Mirror ♡ is a very cool app that will allow you to capture a real time image of anything that you are pointing the device at. Then you can tap the screen to capture the image and zoom in and out to check your look in detail. If the device only has rear facing camera, you can tap the screen point the device’s camera at your face and wait until you hear beeping. This will take a photo of your and show it on the screen. The images captured are not saved to the Camera Roll.

SmartMirror – Automatic lips and eyes tracking and zooming mirror

SmartMirror is not like any other options in the list. It listens to you and follows your commands. It uses Open-Ears voice recognition and Hand-Free technology. To give you fast-precise zoomed view, it uses face recognition algorithm to automatically zoom and follow your lips and eyes. It is very practical for putting your make up on. You can use it in portrait or landscape mode.

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