Best New Mobile Games for Students

Gaming has become a powerhouse industry, especially in the wake of the global pandemic, where we’ve all become a little more reclusive as individuals. As students shifted to online learning, many have rediscovered their passion for gaming, and the mobile gaming market has a lot to offer on that front. 

According to published findings, 65% of mobile gamers attested to their gaming sessions becoming longer in recent years, with 49% playing older, retro titles thanks to nostalgia. As a student, you can benefit greatly from investing some time into mobile gaming:

  • Improve your cognition
  • Improve your problem-solving
  • Learn how to multitask
  • Make decisions more quickly
  • Improve your attention to details

Mobile gaming and gaming, in general, can greatly benefit you as long as you don’t let them get in the way of your academic obligations. With that out of the way, let’s dive deeper into some of the best, new mobile games for students such as yourself.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is what you get when you combine The Legend of Zelda with the Tales Of series of JRPG. It is a vibrant, engaging MMORPG that works flawlessly on mobile. Developers and the whole team worked hard on the design of the game, digital marketing, graphics, and interface.  It is deceptively easy to pick up and very difficult to put down once you’ve sunk your teeth into it. 

You can play Genshin Impact with your friends or enjoy its story and world on your own without any discrepancies. Genshin Impact continues to receive regular updates, new content, and characters given its anime roots. Best of all, Genshin Impact can be played for hundreds of hours without spending a dime on it, thanks to its user-friendly free-to-play model.

Among Us

Despite launching a few years ago, Among Us also receives not only official content updates and support but the support and admiration of its fan base. Among Us is a “who-dun-it” multiplayer online game where one person is eliminating others in secret. 

Your task is to figure out who the impostor is so that you eliminate them before they pick off your team one by one. This simple idea sprouted into Among Us, a global phenomenon in which millions of mobile players are engaged on a daily basis. If your gaming gets out of hand sometimes, and you think “Could I pay someone to write my research paper?”, you can do so through a reliable writing platform. This will allow you to enjoy Among Us and other mobile games for longer so that you rest up for upcoming lectures and exams.

Gwent: The Witcher Arcade Game

If you’ve been gaming for any period, you’ve undoubtedly heard of The Witcher, a series of European RPGs based on the books of the same name. Gwent is a mobile card game with an emphasis on multiplayer battles. It is based on the game of the same name which you can enjoy in The Witcher III, and it has greatly been expanded on. 

Gwent lets you build your deck of trading cards and meet other players or NPCs in combat. Every battle is fast-paced and won’t take up much of your time, which is ideal for students on the go. Gwent is free-to-play, and you only need to spend real-world currency if you want special characters or booster packs, neither of which are pay-to-win.

Call of Duty Mobile

If you’re into first-person shooters but want to enjoy one on mobile, look no further. Call of Duty Mobile is the mobile version of the world-renown shooter, available on consoles and PC. While its feature list is lacking compared to its numbered titles, this is an amazing feat of engineering for mobile devices. 

You can enjoy 5vs5 matches in several popular maps from around the franchise’s history in the palm of your hands. The game plays and feels like a proper Call of Duty title, and you’ll never lack new maps, gadgets, or weapons to play around with. While it is free-to-play, Call of Duty Mobile does feature extensive monetization, which might alienate you if you’re looking for a mobile game without any pay-to-win features.

Finding Time for Gaming as a Student

You don’t need to spend half-a-dozen hours every day playing video games – you, should however find the time to do it. Mobile games can be an amazing way for you to cope with the stress of being a student, and they can teach you a lot about different topics. You can, for example, learn more about UI design, and game design as a whole just by playing mobile games. Check out the titles we’ve listed and see which ones click with you the most and find the time to play them every once in a while.

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