Best Night Vision Camera Apps for Android

While taking good photos at night can be challenging, if you manage to get a perfect shot, the results can be truly amazing. At night, some of the most popular and beautiful landscapes in the world look impressive, but unless you have professional equipment and advanced knowledge of photography, it can be very difficult to capture these images at their best. The same happens when you are at a party, or special event that takes place at night. While poor light conditions can prevent from taking good photos, there is a way to solve this issue. You can rely on a night vision camera app that helps you to overcome the darkness and take great photos. Finding a real night vision camera app that works can be tough as there are a lot of fakes. Here are the best app options that will allow you to capture clear and bright photos on your android device, even at nighttime.

Night Camera

You can improve your Android device’s camera with the help of Night Camera, an app that will help you to get great shots, even if the light conditions are not ideal. It offers 11 shooting modes and incredible megapixel quality. Even if it is pitch black, you can rely on Night Camera’s night vision capabilities to work. The free app promises to help you to capture sharp images without noise. It is perfect for situations in which you can’t use the flash light. Night Camera supports multiple exposures as well.

Illumes Lite Night Camera

There are many occasions in which we need to take photos at night, but using the flash function is not enough to overcome the low light conditions. In these cases, a solution like Illumes is what you need. This app by Apploft Studios will help you to take great photos and capture videos, even when it is dark. Illumes maximizes your flash light so that you can get clear images. It uses a variety of colors to add something unique to your photos. In addition, it can be used to get better visibility when you are looking for something at night.

Night Vision Camera

With Night Vision Camera, you can boost the capacity of your device’s camera to take good photos, even if the light conditions are not the best. This free app adjusts the image automatically to ensure that you get clearer images. Night Vision Camera features adjustable light sensitivity and it allows you to save images just by pressing one button. You can control the camera flash to get the best possible visibility. It also works for day light photos, if you adjust the light sensitivity accordingly.

Night Vision Camera HD

Night Vision Camera HD by Just4Fun offers a wide selection of filters and options that will allow you to capture better photos at night. It improves the image, helping you to get the bets possible visibility at night. You can adjust the night view to suit the environment. The live night vision power amplifier, night color and color match filters are part of the features that this app supports. You can easily adjust settings and rotation modes.

Thermal Vision Camera Effect

Thermal Vision Camera can be used to enhance visibility in the dark as it adjust the camera settings and improves the image brightness. It obviously won’t turn your phone into a real thermal vision camera but it offers a cool effect that lets you see things as they would appear with heat vision technology.

Night Vision IP Camera

Night Vision IP Camera offers more than a solution to take real good photos at night. With this app by, you can transform your device’s camera into a Wireless Night Vision spy camera. This remote night vision spy camera can be used to prevent theft and keep your home secure. The app should be installed on two devices, one that will be placed in the place you want to monitor and the other that will be used to keep track of any activities, no matter where you are. It is a practical solution to keep an eye on your baby while they are sleeping. You can also track the location of a lost device using GPS.

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