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Best online backup for Linux

For Linux users, finding a backup service that works for their operating system can be challenging. However, it is not impossible and we have put together a list of the best options available. These services are compatible with Linux and offer great performance. Since Linux is known for its stability, many people prefer this open source solution but that doesn’t mean that there is no risk to lose your data at any stage due to some unexpected system error. The majority of distros aren’t designed to place your home folder in its own partition so this is something you would have to do by yourself. However, doing that won’t guarantee that your data will be safe in case of hardware issues or catastrophes. This is why a backup plan is necessary and the providers below will help you to keep the data in your Linux computer, secure.


Although CrashPlan doesn’t offer as many features as other services available, it is a solution that focuses on disaster recovery and its backup functionality is very solid. The main concern of CrashPlan is to make sure that you can get your files back, no matter what happens. It gives you peace of mind and it is also offers affordable plans. Unfortunately, there are no free plans, although you can test the service for free for up to 15 days. A full year of unlimited storage space is available for about $60 USD. To ensure that your information is protected, CrashPlan applies active scanning to detect possible threats at any stage. However, the fact that it is not a zero-knowledge service would disappoint privacy conscious users. Still, since CrashPlan provides pure backup, which is intended when you don’t need real-time access to the data, you can keep the files in encrypted containers to ensure that only you hold the access keys. Overall, CrashPlan is a reliable solution that offers efficient backup and restoring capabilities.


pCloud offers outstanding performance on Linux and it also offers ease of use on this platform. Your files are stored safely and you can download them whenever needed, on any device as pCloud supports a wide range of platforms including Android, Windows, iOS, Mac and of course, Linux. Their plans are reasonably priced and it is possible to upgrade to a zero-knowledge storage solution for a small extra fee. PCloud also stands out for its good customer support, which provides prompt answers and assistance. The website offers a detailed FAQ and a knowledgebase where you will find useful information about the service. pCloud works really well and it offers good value for money. In addition, it supports impressive download speeds and decent upload speeds. The file sharing functionality is fantastic and it even allows you to receive data from other users. pCloud has a solid privacy policy and although you have to pay an additional amount for encryption, the option is available.


SpiderOak is one of the most popular solutions available and that is thanks to a great combination of compatibility, ease of use and efficiency. It features a user-friendly interface and it offers solid performance in a variety of platforms. If you are just getting started with online backup technology, SpiderOak is an ideal solution since it establishes a clear difference between sync and backup, making things simple. Another reason to choose SpiderOak is that it is a zero-knowledge provider with a strong commitment to protect the privacy and security of your data. It has built a solid reputation as a transparent and reliable service. The service is constantly updated and improved to ensure that customers enjoy high security. As long as you use a strong password, your data will remain protected. In addition, SpiderOak offers excellent customer support and comprehensive online resources. The downside of SpiderOak is that it is more expensive than other options available. Plus, the performance tends to be slow. However, it is a top provider that deserves to be considered thanks to the security that it provides.


ADrive is one of the most conveniently priced options available, which will attract many Linux users. You can get 100GB for less than $3 per month and the yearly price is less than $30, There is also a free trial available, although it comes with some limitations including caps for individual file transfers. It should also be noted that there is no zero-knowledge encryption supported, although you could encrypt each file manually before uploading it. While the service is low priced, there is a catch and that is that it is supported by ads. As such, there are some privacy concerns because your information would be shared with advertisers and other third parties. If you are looking for an affordable solution and privacy is not your priority, you may still want to consider ADrive.

CloudBerry Backup

Unlike other traditional online backup solutions, CloudBerry Backup doesn’t provide storage space directly to users, but it offers the possibility of combining storage space from a variety of providers into a single space that can be managed without hassle. It is an innovative service that supports over 30 providers, with new options being added on a regular basis. Instead of paying a monthly fee, with CloudBerry Backup you only have to renew your license fee every year. In order to save money and make the most of the services that offer free storage, you can create accounts with multiple providers and accumulate over 100GB without having to pay anything. The advantage of using CloudBerry is that it allows you to access and manage all your accounts through a single interface, making things simple and more convenient. With CloudBerry Backup, you can set up local backup in combination with cloud solutions, with the help of the practical hybrid features available.


All the services listed offer features that make them worth considering, but the right choice will depend on your specific needs. If you are after high security and reliability, SpiderOak and PCloud are the best options. For those who want a bargain, ADrive is the way to go. If you want a service that is easy to use, CrashPlan is a good solution, while CloudBerry Backup will suit users who want flexibility and convenience to manage all their free cloud accounts.

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