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Remember when you needed an agenda to keep track of your meetings? Or when you needed post-its to make sure you don’t forget something important? Well, those times have passed! Nowadays, all you need is a capable smartphone and one of the best organization apps to stay productive and on time.

A self-management tool that will keep that to do list on the spot is a fantastic help in our busy, cluttered lives! But, how would you get to find the best one when you can’t even get to streamline your current apps? Don’t worry about that! We created a short list with the most capable organization app that will make your day. Just scroll down and continue reading.

Best organization apps for extra productivity

Our list includes apps that can be installed on mobile platforms (like iOS and Android) and on computers (like Macs and PCs). Each of these apps was selected according to its efficiency in helping a busy chap to get a sense of order in his life. So, we didn’t include the price in the selection criteria. This means that you’ll find both paid and free apps here.

A colorful app that brightens the day with vivid tones and interesting lists! We liked the simple interface and the easy-to-understand task organizer that beats any tedious management software you have in the office. The app allows you to create lists and introduce tasks according to your needs and colors are used to diversify the interface and highlight the level of importance.

As a unique feature, there is something called the moment, where users are encouraged to review the tasks of the day. This helps improve the productivity and maintaining those goals in the spotlight. One plus point for iOS users, the geolocation reminders work quite well.

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Do Note


This is an app that comes from IFTTT and which allows you to control a whole bunch of other apps from a single interface. Thus, if you use Google Calendar to introduce your tasks but keep your notes in Evernote, you’ll have to juggle at least two apps. With Do Note, you can work with both your apps without even opening them.

But the fun doesn’t stop here! Among the most interesting things you can do with this app you can count posting on Facebook and other social networks, work with Google Drive, or add new tasks to Todoist.

The downside to this app is that, sometimes, you can mix things up. That’s when errors start showing up. But, if you don’t panic, you’ll manage to find the root of the problem quite easily.

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If making lists is a big part of your life, this app shouldn’t be missing from your phone! Wunderlist allows you to create lists for everything, starting with that slumber party you’re planning and ending with that super-important project at the office.

Other amazing features include sharing your lists with friends and coworkers, setting reminders, assigning tasks to people involved in the project, and the possibility to sync with all your devices.

We also loved the fact that it can be used on a wide range of devices, not just your phone.

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Do you usually struggle with budgets and financial tasks? Don’t be ashamed; you’re not the only one! However, we live marvelous times, and now you can correct your financial knowledge and schedule with an app like Mint. Available for both iOS and Android, the app will help you with keeping track of payments, making budgets and managing all your financial accounts from one single interface. You can also set reminders for recurring bills (no more penalties for you!) and the app even offers tips on how to reduce your taxes.

Honestly, we don’t really know how our financial life went on before Mint!




Did you ever have that light bulb moment when you knew a great idea came to life only to forget it several seconds later? This easy-to-understand and use app is for moments just like this! From now on, when that great idea pops, Evernote will be ready to remember it for you.

You will be able to make notes, edit them, improve, and share with coworkers. This way you’ll receive feedback in real-time, and you can continue working on those great ideas even when you’re on the run. We also loved the search system – extremely well organized, so nothing gets lost in the pile of ideas. One other great feature is the sync possibility, allowing you to have open access to your idea database 24/7.

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We’re moving on to more serious stuff with this app available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. First of all, you should know that there’s real science behind this app, and even big CEOs use it to boost productivity and be more creative with their boring tasks (everyone has them).

The Things app helps you get things done by breaking down big tasks or projects into bite-size chunks that are easier to process and do. You will be able to set deadlines for projects or tasks, create bigger projects or reoccurring tasks. Each day, the app will give you the To Do list so, by the end of the deadline, all tasks are complete.

The best part is the possibility to sync your lists across all your Apple devices.




So, do you know where you waste your time? You know it, we know it, everyone knows it: wasting time is the easiest part of every day. Regardless of the fact that you watch kittens on YouTube, you open Netflix for one episode from your favorite show, or you simply browse online, we spend at least a few hours every day doing nothing important. This time could be put to better use, but we just can’t figure it out where we waste it.

Well, RescueTime is the perfect app for this as it will tell you exactly how much time you spend with each application you open. It is designed to work on Mac computers and PCs, and it is available for free (light version) and Premium.

The best part is that, at the end of the day, you receive a report that will actually tell you how productive you were. Once the culprit is identified, you can block certain sites or set alerts. Honestly, this does sound like a great app to have when you can’t focus.

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For now, our list with best organization apps stops here, and we hope that we managed to offer you an easy solution to your productivity problem. Also, here’s a little secret about productivity: you don’t need to waste time to stay informed; you just need the best news apps out there!

If you know any other apps that helped you turn your life around, please don’t hesitate to tell us about it! We’re waiting for your opinion in the comments section.

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