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Thanks to your smartphone, you will never be bored, even if you have to wait for hours in a long queue or face a long commute to work. There is an endless selection of games available, including options that allow you to play with others in real life. If you want a way to pass the time with your friends and family, there is a great selection of options that will keep you entertained. You can even enjoy these games with a friend while you waiting in line for a concert, or to improve the mood in a party. If you need something to distract you, or want a game to share the fun with others, the titles in our list are set to give you a great time, no matter where you are. These games are a practical alternative to traditional board games as you can bring them with you all the time and play them while you are on the go.

Heads Up!

This popular card game created by Warner Bros is perfect for any occasion and it is very easy to play. You can play with a friend or group of friends. What you need to do is to hold the phone up to your forehead and let your friends give you clues so that you can guess the word before the time is up. There is an extensive selection of cards available and to get a new one and continue playing, you just need to tilt the phone. Players can sing, make accents or act out the words to give clues to the person who is holding the phone. There are different categories available, including movies, animals, accents and celebrities. Head Up! is suitable for players of all ages so it is great for an afternoon with your family or a gathering with friends. You can get it for $0.99.

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Evil Minds

Evil Studios Limited has created a game that will add a lot of fun to your parties. The game is similar to Heads Up, but it is designed for adults since it contains a high dose of crude humor and innuendos. The goal is to guess a secret Evil word, based on clues that others yell or act. All you need is your phone, a bunch of friends and Evil Minds and you will end up laughing uncontrollably. You or one of your friends can hold the phone up to their forehead and the rest of the players need to yell clues or make gestures that can help to figure out what the naughty word is. You need to guess as many words as possible in a single round. You can download it for $0.99.

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Evil Apples

From the same creators of Evil Minds, Evil Apples is a take on the popular game Cards Against Humanity, but you can have it on your phone and for free. Suitable for adults only, Evil Apples is ideal for a small gathering of friends with a few drinks, snacks and some music. The game can also be played remotely with friends or if you are brave enough, with strangers. It is suitable for up to 4 players and the first player who gets 7 points wins. There are over 2500 Answer Cards and 600 questions available. You can unlock additional options with in-app purchases.

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Black Card

Card Against Humanity is a legendary party game, but realizing that you have used all the Black Cards can be very disappointing. The good news is that you can replace the real cards with virtual ones, thanks to this expansion. If you are playing Cards Against Humanity and run out of Black Cards, simply use this app to get a larger selection. This app is regularly updated with new and more outrageous cards. It is the perfect option to bring new life to the physical Cards Against Humanity box set. It can be downloaded for free, but it comes with in-app purchases. CAH Black Card is only available on the App Store.


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