Best payroll management apps for iOS

Payroll is essential for companies regardless of their size. Large and small businesses need to ensure that an effective and reliable payroll management system is implemented. Since technology has become an essential part of everything we do, it is not strange to find out that there are modern and more convenient ways to handle payroll thanks to it. Businesses can rely on a wide selection of tools that will allow them to manage their payroll without hassle. It is even possible to manage payroll using a convenient mobile app. Apple devices are known for being superb productivity tools and when they are combined with apps that focus on making payroll easier, you can’t go wrong. Here are the best payroll management apps available.

Online Payroll

Online Payroll is a free app that offers strong security and practical features that allow employers to perform payroll tasks when they are on the go. It supports a good variety of options including the possibility of creating accurate paychecks for contractors and employees. You can even pay staff by direct deposit without additional charge. Online Payroll by Intuit Inc. also sends you notifications to make sure that you stay on top of payday and tax deadlines. It is possible to see previous paychecks, e-pay taxes and e-file forms in different locations. Online Payroll is a comprehensive app that allows you to manage different aspects of payroll and it uses top grade security to keep your data protected. It let employers create paychecks and it is available for free.

Run – Powered by ADP Mobile Payroll

If you have a small business and need a solution that is easy to use and that allows you to stick to a tight budget, Run is the perfect choice. Apart from being affordable, the system is designed to help anyone to manage their payroll, even those who don’t have advanced technical skills. It is an efficient and intuitive tool to manage your payroll and it ensures that you can pay your staff on the scheduled times using predefined pay rates. With Run, you can calculate taxes and the tool is also designed to provide employee details like contact info, payroll information and photos. It is possible to distribute salaries among different employers that have more than one job. Run also lets you calculate your staff’s earnings and deductions.

myPay Solutions

myPays is another convenient solution that will allows users to stay on top of payroll. It gives employees that use myPay Solutions clients the possibility to carry out multiple payroll related tasks in real time, using their iPhone or iPad. myPay Solutions provides a solid service for small and medium businesses and the app lets employees enter time for the current pay period, check and update W-4 information and much more. The operations can be carried in real time and it is possible to see historical time entered before paid periods. It is a practical solution to view and update information, even when you are on the go.

hh2 Remote Payroll

Created by Digital Business Integration, hh2 Remote Payroll is the mobile solution for users who have a subscription to HH2 web services. It supports Sage CRE, including Sage 300, Sage Timberline Office, Sage 100, Masterbuilder and more. It allows these options to enter and approve payroll on iOS devices. It offers features like Batch Attendance Entry, Prefill Time from a Previous Week and Copy Time from One Employee to Another. With hh2 Remote Payroll it is possible to handle payroll related tasks easily. You can track your employees using the batch attendance option. It is possible to use the app offline and you can sync the data at a later stage. It is available for about $2.

Penelope Payroll

If you are struggling to manage your payroll and have many doubts about how to do it correctly, you can rely on Penelope Payroll. This is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to get expertise in payroll management and improve the process within their business. Penelope Payroll by MyFirmsApp is a powerful option that gives you easy access to crucial financial data whenever you need it. It features a News section that provides regular updates, making sure that you get the latest information in real time through the app. Penelope Payroll is supported by a professional team, always ready to provide personal advice and assistance. The app can be downloaded for free.

PayrollHero Team Clock

This is the official iOS app for PayrollHero’s TeamClock, a solution that lets you leave behind the old fashioned way to track employee’s attendance in order to manage payroll accurately. The time, scheduling and attendance platform gives businesses the chance to manage their staff’s attendance using facial recognition and other innovative options. It is set to make sure that employees won’t forget to clock in and out for their shifts and breaks. It provides detailed overview to employers so they will known if employers didn’t come to work, or if they arrived late or left earlier. While it is a solution that focuses on productivity, it is useful to keep track of attendance in order to make any necessary payroll changes.

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