Best Pinball Machines of the 70s

In the 1970s, pinball became a craze which for sure players back then could still remember how fondly this game has become. In fact, the machines themselves exhibit impressive artwork and themes which now have been iconic.

In this article, we shall look into these iconic pinball machines of the 70s which for sure would pique your interest.

Best Pinball Machines of the 70s

Kiss – 1979

Everyone, for sure has have heard of the iconic band, KISS. They have been considered as a legend by many. In fact, there are a lot of merchandises that promote this band which only shows how much fame they have. Of course, it would be a shame for pinball machines not to join the bandwagon.

Bally, one of the most popular and reliable pinball machine manufacturers, took this opportunity and created pinball machines with the KISS theme. They have launched and distributed about 17,000 units of KISS pinball machines.

There was only one-off KISS prototype which came with speech. However, only one unit was made which was released in 1979. This unit was in response to the pinball game Gorgar.

In December 2021, the KISS pinball machine was auctioned for $14,000 which was way more than its average $6,645 in 2021.

Fireball – 1972

Fireball pinball machine has been released by Bally. It was one of the first multi-ball pinball machine. It is an electro-mechanical machine which has been beautifully designed.

Fireball is considered as one of the most popular pinball machines ever been made. This pinball machine comes with a spinning disc found on its playfield. It periodically spins frantically which would send the ball off in random directions. With this additional feature, the game has become more challenging and has added more difficulty which has for sure provided more enjoyment. Aside from the spinner, what made this pinball machine much more exciting is its multiball feature which has brought more impact on the players.

Fireball had exhibited different themes and artwork. However, and unfortunately, there were only 3815 units shipped which has made this machine scarce.

Evel Knievel – 1977

If you are trying to look for a pinball machine with a great theme, the Evel Knievel is for sure the one. Evel Knievel is someone who is very popular and famous in the 70s. Hence, having this theme in a pinball machine surely have made the machine as one of the best and most loved machines. It comes with simple gameplay with amazing backglass and playfield.

This type of pinball machine only has about 14,000 units all over the world. Its average price in an auction is priced at almost $6000. Many players all over the world have claimed that this type of pinball machine has provided a lot of fun especially with its artwork.

Eight Ball – 1977

The Eight Ball pinball machine has been the biggest selling pinball machine. It has reign the industry from 1977 up to 1993. It has over 20,000 units produced. It has actually become one of the most common pinball machines in the 1970s.

The eight ball pinball machine comes with Happy Days theme and spinner. It was considered as a very addictive gameplay with it being challenging. The only complaint that this machine had was that players had to put coin after coin into the machine to beat it.

Joker Poker – 1978

The Joker Poker in 1978 has been considered as one of the best pinball machines in the 70s created by Gottlieb & Company. It has been designed carefully with impressive chimes. This pinball machine is considered as a solid state electronic classic which is a definitely must-have collection. This machine is priced at $2509 in 2021.

Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy – 1976

This pinball machine is based on the film Tommy (1975). The film is about a boy who wanted to become a pinball master. Bally, a pinball manufacturer has decided to make a machine based on Elton John’s autobiographical song which was played in the Pinball Wizard.

This pinball machine has about 16,000 units and it comes with cool artwork. It is now priced at $4,373.

Playboy – 1978

This theme of pinball machine is considered as another classic from the 70s. It is a solid-state electronic machine which was released in 1978. It only has 18,250 units.

This pinball machine has three gameplay systems which could handle up to four players. With its theme, however, this one is definitely for adults only. It has scantily clad women across its backglass which is not suitable for younger players.

With its artwork, this pinball machine is definitely a must-have. This pinball machine is priced at $3608.

Centigrade 37 -1977

The Centigrade 37 has only 1600 units which makes this machine very scarce. It provides overall exciting gameplay which Gottlieb and Company ensures all of its customers. It is an electro-mechanical design and it has feature packed gameplay which is challenging and addictive. It provides an energetic play style as well. This pinball machine are priced at $4496.

Jacks Open – 1977

This pinball machine surely provides a challenge to its players. It is difficult and complex to score high on this pinball game. Though that is the case, this game is pretty straightforward and very fun to play. This game comes with multipliers and drop targets which makes it easier for you to use to get higher score. This pinball machine has only 3000 units.

El Dorado – 1975

The El Dorado by Gottlieb and Company is probably the most copied pinball machines. It is considered as an electro-mechanical classic from the 70s. It provides amazing and interesting gameplay with it having a target range of long and short range shots.

El Dorado comes with classic western-themed playfield. It comes with lower left flipper and upper right drop target shot which provides more challenges in playing this game. Overall this pinball machine is priced at $3112.


We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you useful and interesting information about pinball machines of the 70s.

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