Best Podcast Apps for Android

Podcasts are a great alternative to major media platforms. You can listen to interesting discussions about a wide variety of topics. Science, Politics, Sports, News, Technology and more. There are many podcasts available and it may take you a while to find your favorite options, but you can easily download and listen to podcasts with the help of an app designed for that purpose. In this list, you will find the best solutions for Android. You will be able to download, play and listen to your favorite podcasts from your podcast hosts.

Podcast Addict

This is the most popular podcast app available and with good reason. With Podcast Addict, you can manage Podcasts, Live Stream radios, Audio-books, Radio on Demand, YouTube channels/playlists and RSS News feeds. You can easily find, listen and download your favorite podcasts. The search options let you look for keywords or specific podcasts. You can also find recommendations, the best podcast, trending news and more.

DoggCatcher Podcast Player

This is another podcast player that is widely used and it has been recently redesigned to offer new options. It supports Chromecast and Android Auto and it features a Light/Dark theme. You can easily subscribe to new podcasts and you won’t miss your favorite ones thanks to DoggCatcher. This podcast app stands out thanks to the fact that it lightweight and it doesn’t consume a lot of data or battery. You can also limit downloads based on network/power connections. It supports auto download, cleanup of media files, Offline playback of audio and video podcasts and devices of all sizes. DoggCatcher offers a good variety of customization settings as well.

Podcast Republic

This is a high quality podcast manager app for Android that offers all the features needed to manage and play podcasts, audio-books, YouTube videos, etc. It supports audio and video podcast and you can browse, listen to any podcast, subscribe and more. One of Podcast Republic’s highlights is the syncing option. You can sync your podcast subscriptions and episode playback states between a variety of devices. It is also possible to play an episode in one device and continue listening or watching it on another one. You can also download your favorite podcasts to an SD card.

Podbean Podcast App

Podbean offers all the features needed to enjoy a great listening experience thanks to its well-designed interface and the practical player options supported. The app features play speed adjustment, timer and a sleep function. It comes with smart recommendations based on your listening patterns. You can also stream or download podcasts and play them offline. It lets you organize playlists and manage your favorite episodes. Podbean Podcast App works with Chomecast, Bluetooth and Android Auto.

Podcast Player

CastBox offers a fantastic solution to download, upload, play, listen or share podcasts. It offers fast performance and it is very easy to queue up. The search options are also very simple to use and they allow you to find everything you are looking for. Music, News, Comedy, Education, Politics, content for children and much more. There are thousands of podcasts available, as well as free radio stations.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts by Shifty Jelly offers a beautiful interface and a great selection of features. It is an easy to use option to access podcasts and it gives you flexibility to customize a variety of settings. You can change the theme or color, discover and add new podcasts, stream, download and more, without hassle. With Pocket Casts, you get great control over the custom playback, variable speed, volume boost, stream, skip playback, sleep timer and more. It also has a sync option that works across all your devices.


With AntennaPod, you can get instant access to millions of free and paid podcasts. It covers independent podcasters, as well as major broadcasting options. Youjust need to add, import and export their feeds with the help of the iTunes podcast database, or using OPML files or RSS URLs. You can download, stream or queue episodes and enjoy them in the way you prefer, with adjustable playback speeds, sleep timer, chapter support and other options. It is a comprehensive solution to access and manage your favorite podcasts.

Podcast Go

This free app is also very easy to use podcast app that lets you listen to your favorite podcasts on Android. You can easily find podcasts and browse a wide selection of categories to find options that suit your interests. Podcast Go by Sanity Audio Apps allows you to subscribe to your favorite artists, meaning that you can always be updated. The app is also a reclaimable solution to download podcasts and to listen to them, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

BeyondPod Podcast Manager

Another great options to access a vast collection of free audio and video podcasts from around the world. It offers a simple interface, powerful features to manage the content that you want and more. You will find content from independent creators and major productions companies. The app also supports Chromecast and it offers Feedly integration.

Podcast Player – Free

This award-winning app created by Player FM Podcasts features over 300,000 shows without ads. Podcast Player focuses on offering users the best possible experience and it is set to allow you to enjoy your favorite podcasts without issues. There is new content added on a daily basis, covering a great variety of topics including Politics, Entertainment, Music, Science and more. There are many options available so you are always likely to find something that is right up your alley.

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