Best Police Scanner Apps for Android and iOS

Many kids dream about becoming a police officer when they grow up. The challenges of this career or a change of mind, may put off some people from reaching that goal, but many adults still imagine themselves being in the police force. If you are one of them, you can find a chance to live your childhood dream on Halloween by wearing a police uniform custom, while wondering what it would be like to drive a police car and chasing the bad guys. But there is another way in which you can feel like a real police officer and that is getting the latest information about what is happening in your area, through live police feeds in a scanner radio app. With the apps in this list, you will be the first to find out about the events that are unfolding on your location. You may not be able to get into action to catch any criminals, but at least you will be aware of any ongoing situation that disrupts the security of your area. Many of these apps include feeds from firefighting forces, which also make them ideal for staying up to date with the latest developments during a natural disaster, accidents or other major events.


With Broadcastify you can access an impressive collection of radio communications streams. Its network covers almost 6000 radio streams from police, aviation, marine and rail forces, as well as amateur radio. You can search by name and location and find feed near where you are. If there is a major event, the app will send push notifications to make sure that you don’t miss anything. You can also set a list of favorites and get real-time updates. The option to add favorites lets you get easy access to the feeds that interest you.

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iScan – Police and Fire Scanner

iScan lets you listen to feed from many different countries in the world and it boasts a great design that makes using the app an enjoyable experience. Like other police scanners, it includes a list of the most frequently used police codes, which will allow you to understand what is happening. It also features a map that lets you see police call locations and alpha tags that enable you to see what channel is playing at the moment on a feed. You can select favorites, get alerts and with the night theme, you will be able to manage the app easily, even when it’s dark.


Police Scanner+Free

Rego Apps brings us an app specially designed for iOS that gives you the possibility to listen to over 40000 stations, including police, fire EMS, airport, rail and more. You can record stations and listen to them at a later stage. You can listen to the radio when you go to bed and set a timer to stop it at a certain time. Apart from providing access to policy and emergency forces stations, the app also features music stations and it displays information about the song and artist. One of the things that sets this app apart from other scanners is the fact that it offers the option to chat with other people who are also listening to the radios.


5-0 Radio Police Scanner

This app created by Smartest Apps allows you to access the largest selection of live police, firefighters and other radios so that you can be aware of any emergency situation that is taking place in your location. This police scanner can run in the background so you can use other apps or complete other tasks while listening to the live feeds. If you lose connection, the app will automatically try to reconnect the feed. You can add feeds that interest you and listen to them on the go, or send a link to yourself so that you can listen to them on your computer. It is easy to use and provides a great selection of practical features.


Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio by lets you listen to live aiudtio from over 5000 police and fire scanners, as well as amateur radios. It focuses on United States, Australia and Canada, but new options are continuously added. You can see scanner that are near you and organize them by distance and check what are the most popular options available. If the app detects that a particular scanner is getting a considerable increase in listeners, it will notify you as this is likely to be related to an emergency situation. The app is practical and has a simple and well-designed interface.


Police Scanner Radio Scanner for Android

With this free police scanner, you will be able to listen to Police radio scanners from a large list of countries including United States, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Peru, Ireland and Czech Republic. They are regularly adding new options and you can listen to live streams, feeds from real scanners to keep up to date with the latest developments in your area. The app features over 300 feeds from different police departments and firefighting forces from around the world.


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