Best Posture Correctors

Usually posture correctors are given to those who have medical conditions. However, as time progresses, advancements were made through the understanding and awareness of human anatomy.

Today, those who are looking for tools to prevent and/or correct scoliosis or posture, uses posture braces or correctors together with movement exercises to reduce irregular curvature in the spine. Although it is made for medical reasons, many adaptations are being made in posture correctors already. One popular adaptation and example is for large breasted women that experiences back pain, correcting bras were created to keep the shoulders straight and chest upright. Though breast reduction could have the same result of reducing back pain, posture correctors are more economical and aside from reducing back pain, it also corrects the posture. It could be said that innovation of posture correctors is no longer limited to those who have medical conditions but could be used rather by anyone. It is safe to use and retrains the core muscles than exercises.

Importance of Correct Posture

Having and wearing the correct posture does not only convey confidence but having a good posture keeps the muscles limber, spine flexible and delay wear and tear associated with aging. It also reduces back and neck pain. It also helps burn calories, helps open up airways and ensures proper breathing.

Another important discovery about having correct posture is that it affects mood. It is said that those who sit straight, think highly of themselves. It is also said that, that a change in posture influence depression. As proper posture conveys positive outlook, slouched posture encourages depressive thoughts about oneself. Aside from that, Incorrect postures however, add strain to muscles and stress to the spine and over time this could lead to constricted blood vessels, pinched nerves and problems with muscles and vertebrae.

With all that said, this article has reviewed a few posture correctors and has come up with a list of the best posture correctors

1. Andego Support

This posture corrector comes with a pair of pads to ensure discomfort. The straps don’t dig into your skin and is a smart choice for those who need and want to wear it for hours or longer period of time.

2. BeZero Clavicle Brace

This model is easy to adjust and has Velcro straps. It has durable cross stitching which ensures for years.

3. Vibo Care

Made of spongy material, the Vibo Care ensures you are comfortable. This product would snug on your body and would not ride up under your armpits. It does not have any rough edges which ensures you will stand up straight without feeling uncomfortable.

4. Brison High Back Brace

This brace pulls your shoulders which prevents you from rolling them forward and keeps your back and neck in line. It also helps flatten the scapulas and takes the pressure off one of the areas where there is significant amount of tension.

5. TurtlShield Adjustable

This posture corrector helps you monitor your progress through its adjustable Velcro straps. The Turtleshield definitely encourages those who use it.

6. NMT Lumbar Belt

The NMT Lumbar Belt is perfect for those who experience pain in their lower backs. The belt of this posture corrector helps the base of your spine and ensures it has proper alignment. It also has magnets which promotes better circulation.

7. GlamyKings Brace

This brace is for those who are committed to rehabilitation of their back and posture. It does not have the comfortability compared to other back braces but it will definitely reposition your spine correctly and natural.

8. Vriksasana Posture

This posture corrector is like a backpack which slips over your shoulders but instead of exacerbating the neck pain, it alleviates it. It has a Velcro on the front which makes it easier to adjust its tightness.

9. TK Care Pro

This style has a wide area support and is one of the largest models. If you choose the TK Care Pro, have in mind that this could be bulky and is far from being discreet. It is perfect to be worn at home.

10. Bedew Trainer

The Bedew trainer has a pad in the middle – in between your shoulder blades. It is comfortable and the straps do not dig into your bag. This style is designed to be worn over clothes.

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