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Pregnancy is a magical period in every woman’s life, but it can also be scary, especially if this is your first time. There are so many unknown variables, new situations and experiences that you won’t know which one may be a problem and which one is normal. But don’t worry too much, every new mom feels this way and you’ll learn to connect with junior while he/she is living in your stomach.

Even better, since we have all this technology around, why not take advantage? With so many portable devices you can have the right information in the palm of your hand. Below we selected the top 5 best pregnancy apps that will keep you engaged and informed every step of the way.

Before we start discussing the apps that caught our attention, we want to mention that our main criteria were ease of use and the quality of information. Since pregnancy is a delicate time, we want to make sure you have access to the best sources and that you are receiving constant updates.

#1: WebMD Pregnancy


Sadly it is available only for iOS devices, but it’s free so there’s still good news. The app was developed by the popular site with the same name and offers reliable information about pregnancy in every stage. The information is personalized and lined up with your level of pregnancy so you won’t have to read through redundant information and experiences you’ve already been through.

Even more, there are many of the features any pregnant woman could want. Starting with information week by week and teaching you what to expect as the baby grows, you will also get a weight tracker, a kick counter, and the possibility to create a checklist of questions for when you go visit your doctor. And finally, when the labor begins there is a contraction timer to let you know when you’re getting close.

One feature we absolutely loved is the possibility to completely capture and document this magical period in your life. The app allows you to create a pregnancy journal with belly photos, notes on key moments in your pregnancy, and your thoughts as the pregnancy progresses. This way, you’ll have a nice memory for when the baby grows.


#2: Totally Pregnant


The name may not suggest much, but the app creates a pregnancy social media channel where you can meet other moms and discuss topics that may seem boring to your current friends. Even more, you get to learn some pretty neat tricks from real moms who know that having kids is not the easiest thing in the world.

We loved the fact that you also have access to female vloggers who discuss various topics. This way you get to learn a lot and share some unique experiences. The app also offers you access to informative videos of your growing baby so you’ll know what Junior is actually doing in there. And finally, you also have access to products that fit your pregnancy’s timeline which is quite nice.

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#3: 50,000 baby names


Being pregnant is not just about changes in your body; it’s also about making choices that will affect you and your baby for life. And one of these choices is the name of the baby. What are you going to call her or him once the baby arrives? Usually the name is a big decision and everyone wants to be involved in the process. So, with an app like this, you can get everyone’s ideas and still have some time for yourselves to think about it.

The app also offers demographic information about the names you choose and lets you know if it is popular or not. You can also connect with friends and family and receive their name suggestions as well. At the end, you can create a Favorites list and then use different criteria to separate the names into groups.

It’s an analytical approach to what is usually a tough decision and we think this helps a lot. This way you will have time to make an informed decision.

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#4: Glow Nurture


This app was designed to make sure you are having a healthy pregnancy. You get access to thousands of articles that discuss daily progress so you won’t be surprised by changes that happen naturally and you will get to keep a health awareness log. This log is quite great as you will receive tips and insight according to your situation and pregnancy.

Once you start to log in daily, the app will create charts personalized on your very own pregnancy. This helps you keep track of the different stages and allows you to learn more about keeping a healthy baby and a healthy mother.

We also liked the fact that you can connect with women who have the same due date as you. This makes the experience even more personal and helps you share with people who are going through the same stages and experiences.

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#5: Who’s your daddy?


Even though the pregnancy is a period when the focus is on the woman, we don’t have to forget about our partners. This is an app created for the ones who support us during pregnancy, help us move forward, and endure the mood change and all that comes with every new stage. To give our partners a hand, this app is designed to inform the future daddy-to-be about the stages of the pregnancy and the things they can do to help the mommy-to-be out.

Also, information on what should be in the hospital bag, how to make a relaxing foot massage, and how to help smooth the pregnancy changes are offered in details. It may seem redundant, but for a person who doesn’t know what you’re going through, it’s very helpful.


We reached the end of our list but if you know (and) used any other apps during your pregnancy, please let us know. Also, keep in mind that, regardless of how advanced, no app in the world can replace a medical opinion. So, if you feel something is wrong, call your doctor! These apps are designed to keep you informed and help you out along the way, but the doctor is absolutely necessary for a successful pregnancy! If you want to learn more about pregnancy and what to expect check out Kidsco.

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