Best Replacement Nintendo DS Lite Charger and Stylus Pens

Coming in second to PlayStation 2, the Nintendo DS light is a handheld console. About 93 million units have been sold worldwide and it has been considered as the 7th best selling console. If you ever wondered why it is so popular? Well, the reason is simple, it is made by Nintendo, a brand that has been known in the gaming industry since 1980s. In addition to that, it is innovative with its interactive controls.

With many positive reviews, just like any other products, there are also some negative reviews. In 2004, DS has received some criticisms and in 2006 Nintendo released a slimmed version which they called DS lite. However, over time, some of its parts would have to replaced due to wear and tear. Usually, it is a good chance that you would have to replace only the stylus and/or your charger.

In this article, we shall feature the best replacement Nintendo DS Lite charger and stylus pens.

Best Replacement Nintendo DS Lite Charger and Stylus Pens

Xahpower AC Power Adapter Charger and Stylus Pen

If you are looking for a charger that would look similar to the original one, then, the Xahpower AC power adapter charger is your best bet. Its performance is close to the original one as well. It is aesthetically beautiful and it is light in weight as well which makes it easy to bring everywhere you go. Its cable is 45 inches in length which is covered with rubber sleeve which ensures durability.

As for its power output, this adapter charger could supply up to 5.2 volts at a rate of 450mA. Though it is lower than the original charger, it is still sufficient enough to charge your DS. The only downside is that it could take a while to fully charge your console. Do not play your console while you are charging it as it could actually lose more power. Though this is the case, its power is properly regulated.

With the charger comes along a set of four styluses in four different colors – black, light blue, baby pink and white. Though these styluses have nothing special to them, they are well made. Its form factor is the same as its original and it fits properly in the storage slot.

BATSOEASY DS Lite Charger Cable 2-pack w/Stylus

This cable and 2 pack stylus is a bit unique as it is technically not a complete charger. It is a Micro USB cable which could be used on your DS Lite. This means you would need to use your own AC adapter and plug its cable. Though this might be seen as a disadvantage by consumers, it is actually and advantage as you would not need to worry about wattage. Through this cable, you would be able to charge your switch at a maximum rate.

Its cable is four feet long and it is covered with smooth, black rubber sleeve. It is very durable. In fact, it is rated for 20,000 bends which makes it one of the toughest USB cables.

This product comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to that, this package has included a pair of styluses which are in color blue and pink. They fit perfectly into the slot and it is very similar to the originals in terms of looks.

With two cords and styluses, you would be able to use multiplayer features of your console and play different games such as Pokemon and the like.

FNGWANGLI Plastic Styluses

If you are need of quite number of styluses then the FNGWANGLI is your perfect bet as it comes with a set of 15 plastic styluses. It is affordable and is well-designed. It could fit perfectly into your DS Lite’s stylus storage slot. There are different colors included in its package – 5 black, 1 white, 3 in different shades of blue. The addition single styluses could be in yellow, green, red, orange, purple and clay.

Tomee Stylus Pen Set

The Tomee Stylus Pen set comes in a set of four black styluses. It perfectly fits the DS lite storage slot. They could also fit modern 3Ds. They are well-made and soft to touch.

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