Best Screen Time App to Set Time Limit on Your iPhone and Android

It has been a huge concern for everybody especially parents that kids of today spend too much time on gadgets and on smart phones. Fortunately, to address this concern, a screen tracker has been developed. A screen tracker or apps were created to provide restrictions on your phone and comes with a time limit on the duration one could use your device or phone. Once you’ve reached the time limit your kid will no longer be able to access the features of your phone or device.

If you are an Apple user particularly devices like the iPhone or iPad, you would definitely be familiar the Screen Time feature. Though this feature works with the best intention of being able to limit the time that your kids could spend on your devices, some say it does not work well for them. Do not fret as there are other apps you could use as alternatives in case Apple Screen Time feature gives you technical issues or if the said feature is not available on your phone or device.

Best Screen Time Apps

1. Apple’s New Screen Time and App Limits Feature

For iOS device users, good news as this feature is built-in on your device and Screen Time will be able to activate this feature by going to Settings menu. Choose the length of time that one could use your device. In addition to that, this feature comes with passcode which prevents your kids to change your screen time settings. Aside from that, it provides and offers the following functions which we find highly useful:

  • It has downtime. This allows you to specify the time limit on your phone
  • Lets you limit the use of apps on your device.
  • It allows you to block inappropriate contents.
  • You could assign which apps could be accessed all the time.

Note: If you forgot your passcode, this will prevent you to change your screen time settings, but, do not worry as you could use tensoshare 4uKey-iTunes Backup to remove and change your screen time passcode.

2. OurPact

OurPact is a well-known tool that is used by many parents. It is known as all-in-one parental control solution that will help you limit your screen time. It also comes with a feature that will help you locate the person who is using your phone. Aside from that, this app also includes the following features:

  • Allows you to block and unblock content
  • Supports up to 20 devices
  • Allows you to manually block and access apps or content
  • Allows you to schedule your screen time
  • Comes with multiple block options.

3. Net Nanny

As like what its name indicates, this tool could be considered as a nanny for your kids in the digital world. It blocks inappropriate content and keeps the good content unblocked. Aside from that this app offers the following features:

  • Allows you to manage screen time.
  • Blocks inappropriate content like porn
  • Gives you total parental control
  • Allows you to remotely access your devices
  • Filters inappropriate content

4. Screen Time

This app is unique in terms of its rewarding system. Aside from being able to set screen time limits, it also allows you to give reward to your kids through additional usage of your device if they are able to finish activities.

Features offered by this app:

  • Allows you to schedule timings
  • Reward your kids when they have completed activities
  • Allows you to check the apps that were used the most

5. AppDetox

This app controls one’s addiction on apps. It allows its users to set rules and controls on your device. In addition to that, this tool offers the following features:

  • View which rules have been violated
  • Allows you to view app usage data and information
  • Allows you to custom rule behaviors
  • It controls app usage with different rules


Through our list above, we hope we are able to help you control your children’s usage of devices or smart phones by putting a limit on your screen time through screen time apps. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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