Best Settings for World of Warcraft Game

Do you love playing the game World of Warcraft and is looking for tips and advice on how to be able to get a better gaming experience? You came to the right place as through this article, we shall provide you useful information on how to do this. We shall provide you some advice on which setting you should adjust in order for you to be able to get a good game. However, before we get into details, we suggest for you to ensure that you keep the maximum configurations especially if your device has the steady 60 FPS.

If you get or have lower than 60 FPS, then, you will have to lower your game settings. If you do this especially on multiple settings, unfortunately, it will have small combined impact on your framerate. Example, if you have a 10 percent improvement due to one setting, a separate setting will have another 10 percent, however, if combined, it would not give you 20 percent but rather it would only provide you 10 to 15 percent change.

Best Settings for World of Warcraft Game

Enhance FPS with minimal to no visual effects

  • Lower the quality of Shadow to high
  • Decrease AA to MSAA x 4

Though these configurations will barely affect World of Warcraft performance, it will raise your FPS to 15 to 40%.

Enhance FPS with a Slight Visual Effect

Once you have enhanced your FPS, we suggest that you follow the steps below. This way, your FPS would be boosted further.

  • Configure AA to CMAA or FXAA
  • Decrease Liquid to High definition
  • Minimize to high SSAO
  • Lower your distance view to 7 to 8
  • Decrease information about the environment to 7 to 8
  • Ground clutter to 7 to 8

By doing the steps above, you will be able to enhance your FPS to about 25 to 50 percent. Unfortunately, doing these steps could cost you money as the modifications are distinct. Though that is the case, we could assure you that it is worth it.

Final Resort

If the steps and method above do not work, do not worry, there are still other ways to enhance your FPS. You could do the following:

  • Minimize your resolution even beyond your screen’s default resolution
  • Decrease your standard graphics to 4 to 6

The steps above are your last resort. Unfortunately, this could have an effect on your graphics. Unless they are set to 4 and reduced resolution are unplayable framework, then, we suggest that you upgrade your device.

Other Key Performance Factors

Block Death Knight Sound

  • Go to Configurations
  • Select Sounds
  • Select Voices Death Knight

Disable Reverb

  • Go to Configurations
  • Select Sounds
  • Click on the button to disable reverb

Heavy add-ons blocked

  • Try to replace Skada with Recount

Throttled Hardware

  • This could be due to dirty CPU or GPU heat sinks.
  • Keep your inner CPU clean to avoid thermal throttle

Slow Internet

  • Try to switch to wired network to reduce latency


We hope that this article has provided you useful information which you could use as a guide on how to adjust your settings for World of Warcraft Game.

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