Best Skateboarding Games

Who does not love Skateboarding games? Not only do they relax you, it also provides you realistic feeling. In this article, we shall provide you useful information about skateboarding games and at the same time, we shall also provide you a list of best skateboarding games which you could play on your PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

Best Skateboarding Games

Tony Hawks’ Pro Skater 1 +2

This game is a remastered version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2. It comes with original mode and online multiplayer. Playing this game would bring you to a good gaming mood with its iconic soundtracks. Moreover, it also allows you to create a park and create a skater customization. This game definitely provides you extreme sports game of feeling.


This game offers Tony Hawk type of game which offers realistic physics and technical skills. Though playing this game has a much steeper learning curve, it is worth trying it as it offers you accurate feeling of skating for real.

Skater XL

This game allows you to have a chill and relaxing feeling. It allows you to control the skater’s feet and it involves physics as well. If you are looking for an in between type of THPS arcade style and intricate control scheme, then this game is perfect for you

Wave Break

This game offers a feeling of chaotic and at the same time upbeat feeling when playing this game. It allows you to get into the 80s pop culture. It is a single player game with online/local multiplay and different modes such as Trick Attack and Park Creator.

Tanuki Sunset

This game allows you to play as a talented skateboarding racoon. It offers you to skate in different environments. You will be able to go skate down the highways and dodge traffic.


This game offers you a concept that is easy to understand. As just its name indicates, you will play the role of a robot on a skateboard. You will have to shift your weight and maintain balance as you try to use the robot’s arm for climb ledges.

Skate City

Skate City is a 2.5D arcade type of game. It allows you to play as a customizable skater and could skate through the cities of Los Angeles, Barcelona and Oslo. This game offers a minimalistic type of game which allows you to do some tricks and combine different moves.

Griptape Backbone

This game is considered as an interactive type of game which comes with themes such as teen angst, meaning of life and death. It also offers you a good gaming feel with its fantastic vaporwave soundtrack.

Skater Frog

This game allows you to skateboard as an animal. In fact, you will skateboard as a cool looking frog which allows you to grind rails and even do kickflips. It is a 2D type of game which also allows you to pull tricks and dodge beach balls.


This game allows you to skate as a bird. It allows you to bring the skill of flight into movement. As you cruise down skating, you could do some wing flapping, ramp riding and many more.

Epic Skater 2

This game is a classic THPS. It allows you to have a combo-based trick which helps you depict staple maneuvers from Tony Hawk. It has 40 levels and over 2000 career mode challenges.

OlliOlli World

This game is developed by British Indie Studio Roll7. It offers you an ambitious world where you could enjoy gaming. It offers great visual presentation, gameplay and different tricks.

Skate Story

This game allows you to play with technical aspects of controlling skateboard. It allows you to have multiple inputs on your controller and helps you do some ollies, kickflips and heelflips. This game comes with abstract art style which would bring you into a good gaming mood.

Skate 4

This game is a reboot rather than a sequel. Though this game is still in its development stage, it is surely exciting and every one is anticipating as to when they would be able to play this game.

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