Best Software to Remove Watermarks

Watermarks are widely used by photographers, companies, bloggers and content creators that wish to promote their brand and protect their work from unauthorized use. However, there may be cases in which you need to remove the watermark. For instance, if you are the owner of digital content but don’t feel happy with the watermark. You may be a photographer and may feel that the positioning of the watermark is actually affecting the image. If you want to have the possibility of removing the watermark from an image, you can rely on the following options to remove watermarks quickly and effectively. You will also be able to delete other unwanted objects from a photo, Unlike Adobe Photoshop, these programs are designed to make the process very simple and fast. You only need a few steps to remove a watermark from an image, so here are is a list of the most practical solutions available.


GIMP is a free and open source image editor that is compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, macOS and Linux. GIMP allows you to create pro buttons and logos within a few minutes. It is ideal for enhancing digital photos and correcting flaws. With GIMP, you can remove watermarks and fix point of view distortion caused by lens aim. It also supports digital retouching features. It is a practical solution for graphic designers, photographers and anyone who wants to enjoy powerful photo edition functionality.

Photo Stamp Remover

Developed by SoftOrbits, Photo Stamp Remover promises is an effective solution to remove watermarks, as well as date stamps and certain flaws from a photo. It works by checking the pixels around the photo to give you the possibility of refilling an area with its original surface. The interface is very basic, but the important thing is that it is easy to use and helps you to process a large number of images in a few minutes. Photo Stamp Remover is a practical solution, but it is a bit pricey. The Personal license, which offers the batch processing feature costs $49.99. There is a Lite edition with limited capacity and it costs $29.99.


Photoupz is a practical and effective solution to remove watermarks and improve the overall appearance of your photos. You can retouch, improve and repair your images without hassle. All you need to do is to upload the photo to Photoupz and paint over the watermark you want to remove and the tool will take care of fixing it automatically. It is also possible to fix your photos by getting rid of unwanted time stamps or objects and you can also enhance the brightness of the images. With Photoupz you can retouch faces and correct flaws to get the best results for your images. The Personal license is available for $19.90.

Photo Retoucher

Photo Retoucher is another practical solution from SoftOrbits that allows you to get rid of watermarks and other blemishes that affect the appearance of a photo. It supports a good selection of features and acts like an effective solution to remove unwanted marks and fix areas within an image. The tool lets you remove marks and watermarks using different types of brushes. Photo Retoucher also supports photo correction features, allowing you to adjust the contrast and saturation of your photos automatically. The Personal edition is available for $49.99.

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