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Best Subreddits to subscribe to

Reddit is a highly popular community on the internet and it has thousands of active discussion groups that cover a wide variety of topics. Reddit offers an extensive collection of subreddits, but some of the best options may take a while to find. This is especially true if you are a new Reddit user. If you are looking for suggestions, here you will find a list of some of the coolest options available. These are the subreddits that you definitely need to check.

Personal Finance

For many people, managing their finances and dealing with taxes can be challenging. Thankfully this subreddit can offer help. You will find a wide selection of categories including taxes, debt, investment and insurance. In Personal Finance, it is possible to ask questions and get the community to help you with your doubts.


Legal issues can be a nightmare but before you worry, try BestofLegalAdvice, another subreddit that is definitely worth checking. If you just have a simple legal question, you are likely to find the answer here.


While there are many subreddits that are focused on questions, AskReddit is without a doubt the best option out there. If you have a general question, this is the best place to ask, but you can also find many great subreddits that are designed to answer questions related to specific categories such as AskScience.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

This is the ideal subreddit for people who like to make things with their own hands. You just need to post your details and the DIY community in Reddit will offer guidance. Another option worth checking if you are into making things yourself is LifeHacks.

Explain Like I’m Five

Reddit is not only a place for entertainment. There are also options where you can learn something new. If you prefer to get things explained in the simplest possible way, Explain Like I’m Five is the subreddit for you. In this community, you will be able to learn about processes without complications. Other great options for avid learners are TodayILearned and UniversityofReddit.


Ask me Anything is a highly popular option in Reddit. Here you can find artists, scientists, celebrities and many interesting people from around the world, answering questions from the community. As the name suggests, the questions can be about anything you would like to know. In this subreddit, you can also see the upcoming AMA sessions that you can expect.


This is the best subreddit for music fans who want to discover new artists or find out about the latest work of their favorite bands. There are many great music suggestions waiting for you in ListenToThis.


Gamers who don’t want to miss any important update related to the gaming industry need to subscribe to this subreddit. Another great option for gaming fans is Games, a subreddit where you can discuss your favorite games with the community.


This is the perfect subreddit for people who love to spend time in the kitchen preparing delicious dishes. Here you will find fantastic recipes with photos and many useful information for cooking.


Following a exercising routine can be challenging for some, but joining the Fitness subreddit can help you to stick to your goals. The community is fun and it is designed to make Fitness more achievable. Every day of the week, a different topic is discussed so there are Training Tuesdays and Nutrition Thursdays, just to give you an example.

Camping and Hiking

The Camping and Hiking subreddit is ideal for people who love outdoor activities and adventure. Here you will find amazing photos, information to plan your trip, reports about various locations, campsites, hikes and more. You can also ask questions to the community.

Earth Po*n

This is another unmissable subreddit that will delight you with amazing photos of our planet. Enjoy the beauty of Earth in this subreddit and if you love nature, make sure that you also check Nature Po*n.

100 Years Ago

If you are interested in History and want to find out what happened on the current date, but 100 years ago, check this subreddit. It offers information about events and many interesting facts about what happened a century ago. Another option that desserves to be checked is Colorized History, a subreddit where you can find high quality old pictures but in color.

Sketch Daily

In Sketch Daily, you can explore your artistic side by drawing and sharing your creations with the community. Every day there is a new theme and you can create a drawing based on it and get feedback from other users.

Internet is Beautiful

Internet offers endless possibilities and in this subreddit, you can discover truly amazing websites and enjoy more your online experience. People in the community share unique websites so you can find many websites that are worth checking. There is also a subreddit for Android users called simply Android is beautiful.

Fan Theories

Movie fans can discuss their theories about popular films, or simply talk about the films they love here. This subreddit lets you find out what others think about well known movies. You also can check TrueFilm for general movie discussions.


If you are having some relationship issues, sometimes you just need to feel that you are not the only one going through this. In this subreddit you can find what others share about their relationship experience and maybe get some useful advice.

Casual Conversation

Known as “The friendlier part of Reddit”, Casual Conversations is the subreddit that you need to check when you want to chat to other people in a relaxed environment. It is a good place to meet new people and maybe make friends.


Photos of cute animals can help you to relieve stress, which is a good reason to check this subreddit. However, it is also a great place to learn about nature as you will find many interesting facts about animals.

Photoshop Battles

Photoshop is not used exclusively by professional photographers as many people relying in this tool to create unique images just for fun. If you want to share your Photoshop skills with the world and can come up with funny memes and pictures, Photoshop Battles is the right subreddit for you.


In this subreddit dedicated to Anime, you will find updates and a lot of interesting information about your favorite shows. There is also an option called AnimeDeals where you can find many great items to buy.


As the name suggests, this Subreddit will leave you wide awake as it features very scary, but very good horror stories. You can easily find the most popular and the best stories shared by the community. If you prefer to read short stories that won’t make you afraid, try WritingPrompt.

R/InsertYourCity or r/InsertYourCountry

This is the option that will help you to keep track of what is happening in your location. You can find news, events and more about your city and country. You just need to enter the name of the place to find all the updates you need.

Tales of Tech Support

If you work in Tech Support, you probably have many good stories about your interactions with customers. Well, in this subreddit you can share them. Even if you don’t work in this area, you will find that this subreddit can give you an interesting insight of the funny or crazy things that people say sometimes when dealing with tech support.

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