Best Surface Pen Alternatives

Surface pens provide beautiful glide which many users really admire. However and unfortunately, not everyone could afford them and there are also some who would want to have different preference with different features. Choosing one could be a challenge and sometimes intimidating which could lead to ending up spending more than you are supposed to. Do not worry as through this article, we shall feature the best surface pen alternatives and at the same time, we shall also provide useful information which you could use as a guide.

FAQs on Surface Pen Alternatives

What could I use instead of a surface pen?

A great alternative which you could use instead of a surface pen is a stylus like Wacom Bamboo Ink or Adonit Creative Stylus.

What is the best surface Pro alternative?

We could say that the Wacom Bamboo Ink is the best stylus. It could switch between a pen and a pencil. Moreover, it comes with a pressure sensitive.

Is the surface pen worth it?

It is worth to invest on a surface pen especially when you love to write and draw. If you plan to get a surface pen, you must ensure that it is compatible with your device. For example, surface pro 4 or surface book.

Best Surface Pen Alternatives

Hybrid Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus

The Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus, we could say is the best overall surface stylus. In fact, it has made its name in the industry with it being associated with the popular and excellent pens and drawing accessories.

The Wacom Bamboo is perfect for drawing, sketching and annotating. It provides you the feel of a natural pen to paper experience. Moreover, this pen comes with bluetooth button which would definitely allow you to let your creativity flow on your sketch pad work space. It has pencil nibs which allows you to choose between firm, soft or blue nibs. Lastly, it has an impressive feature of natural tilt support. This provides you a natural ink feels with angles detection.

Dell Premium Active Pen

The Dell Premium Active Pen is perfect for drawing. It comes with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. It has a multi-protocol compatibility with select Dell 2-in-1 with Windows Ink compatible display.

This pen uses multi-protocol AES 2.0 which allows you to be able to draw in different strokes – boldness, lightness and darkness. It also ensures that you would not experience any lags.

The amazing part of this pen is that its customizable buttons allows you to be able to draw and sketch faster. Its top button allows you to write on a locked screen and its side buttons allow you to erase.

The Dell Premium Active Pen comes with a palm rejection technology. This means, you will be able to comfortably rest your wrist without having to worry about your wrist affecting your touch screen. Lastly, this pen is affordable with it priced less than $100.

Tesha Surface Pen

The Tesha Surface Pen is your go to surface pen if you are on a tight budget. It is designed to work and is compatible with Microsoft’s latest surface range such as the Surface Pro 2017, Surface Pro 4, Surface Laptop, Surface Pro 3. What is amazing about this pen is that it also works well on other OEM devices.

It comes with 1,024 levels of pressure sensitive precision tip which allows you to be able to draw, write, sketch and erase without having to worry about experiencing any lags. It also allows you to be able to experience precise writing and drawing. It is battery-powered pen. This pen is very affordable with it being priced as less than $35.

HP Pen

If you are looking for a pen that comes with high functionality, then, this pen is perfect for you. Not only it is very appealing, it is also very useful. It works with Windows Ink and it is impressive with it being able to deliver precise and accurate drawing. This pen could be paired with laptops or tablets. This pen is priced at about $60.

Adonit Ink

This pen screams classy and useful. It could be used with Microsoft Ink and it comes with 1 mm fine point tip. This allows you to be able to draw in fine detail. It is made with pressure sensitive which allows you to be able draw lines in light and dark depending on the pressure that you use while you draw.

The Adonit ink has palm rejection technology and has a battery life of 80 hours. It is also rechargeable with a USB and it is priced at $40.

HP Tilt Pen

This pen provides you close to real-life experience. It works with Microsoft Ink and is considered as the advanced edition of HP Pen. It allows you to experience for your hand to be able to naturally flow into strokes and curves. This pen is a bit on the expensive side with it being priced at $90. Though this is the case, we could assure you that it is a great investment.

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