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There is no doubt that Android is a leading mobile platform that offers many advantages. However, there are also some downsides that can affect users’ experience with Android. One of the main issues is that many apps continue running in the background without the user’s knowledge. These background processes consume all the system resources and have an impact on the device’s battery. This is why it is important to find a way to keep an eye on your system resources to prevent that any apps uses them up. One of the most effective ways to prevent that the apps you use consume all your device’s battery and resources is to use a Task manager that shuts down all the processes in the background and improves the performance of your device. We have prepared a list of the best options available.

GO Cleaner & Task Manager

This is another popular launcher for Android and it was created by the same developers behind the popular GO Launcher. The first thing that you will notice about GO Cleaner & Task Manager is that it offers a remarkable interface, that is easy to use and stylish. With GO Cleaner & Task Manager, you will be able to kill background apps, but there is more to it. You can also delete cache, remove folders that you don’t need, clear your browsing history and data and improve your Android device’s performance.

ES Task Manager

ES Task Manager is one of the top choices when it comes to task manager apps and it offers all the features that you need. With ES Task Manager, you will be able to identify all the apps that are running in the background and close the ones that are taking a toll on your system resources. With just one tap, you can kill these app and ES Task Manager also lets you uninstall unwanted apps from inside the ES Task Manager app so that you can save space in your device’s memory. You can also add certain apps to a whitelist to make sure that they are not closed automatically.

SystemPanelLite Task Manager

SystemPanelLite Task Manager stands out thanks to its amazing interface that will remind you of the super advanced technology that appears on Sci-fi movies. This task manager app shows charts, statistics and a lot of useful data concerning your device’s resources. It is an amazing tool for Android users who want to have greater control over their device’s performance. Apart from allowing you to identify and close the apps that are eating up your system resources, SystemPanelLite Task Manager offers detailed information about your Android tablet or phone. It gives you notifications if it finds something that is not working well.


With Greenify, you will be able to manage all your apps without hassle and using an innovative solution. Instead of killing all the apps that are consuming your system’s resources, Greenify allows you to hibernate those apps with just one tap. Once the apps are hibernating, they won’t run in the background, which will help you to save your battery life and ensure that your device runs smoothly. If you want to use an app that is in hibernation, you just need to open it and the app will work as usual and when you close it, it will return to hibernation.

Super Task Killer-Fast Booster

Since the main purpose of a task manager is to help you to boost your device’s performance by killing those apps, you need a solution that doesn’t take a lot of space itself. Super Task Killer-Fast Booster is task manager that is lightweight and that at the same time, packs a lot of useful features. You get all the functionality that you need and the app can kill multiple background processes and enhance the performance and speed of your Android device by up to 50%. With Super Task Killer-Fast Booster you will be able to specific certain times when you want to kill the apps that you select.

Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer has been around for quite a while and it is a highly rated option in the Google Play Store. Thanks to its functionality, the app has been able to keep its leading place when it comes to task manager apps. You get all the advanced task management solutions in a simple and efficient way. With Advanced Task Killer, you will be able to navigate user layout. It is possible to kill apps directly from the app or enable auto-killing feature to ensure that the whole process runs automatically. It is advisable to kill each app manually to make sure that important processes are not affected when the auto-kill function is enabled.

Smart Task Manager

Smart Task Manager gives you access to advanced features but it can be downloaded fro free, which makes it a very practical solution. This comprehensive task manager offers a real time process list that lets you see exactly how much CPU and memory are being used by the apps that are active. It is possible to kill apps that you don’t need and keep the ones that are relevant. With Smart Task Manager, you can also backup your app data to your device’s SD card. All your apps can be backed up and then you can restore them whenever needed, directly from the app.

Clean Master

If you want a solution that provides an extensive list of features, you need to check Clean Master – Space Cleaner and Antivirus. It supports many features including mobile optimization and basic task killing functionality. In addition, it supports app lock features that allow you to keep personal apps protected with a password. The app also comes with an antivirus to ensure the safety of your device and a practical duplicate photo remover. Thanks to its game booster feature, you can improve the performance when you are playing games by up to 30%.

Watchdog Task Manager

Although Watchdog Task Manager is not exactly a task killing app, it allows you to monitor your system in detail. You will be able to find out all the apps and processes that are running in the background, affecting your system’s resources. When an app is out of control and starts to take its toll on your system, Watchdog Task Manager will notify you about the app and you will be able to kill it with a single tap.

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