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Best Tasker Profiles

Tasker allows Android users to complete actions automatically on their devices. It is a powerful and versatile solution that lets you do pretty much anything. In order to help you to get the most out of Tasker, we will go through the best and most practical Tasker profiles and will tell you how you can set them up on your smartphone or tablet.

Put your phone in silent by simply turning your device upside down

This is a very practical option when you need to ensure that your phone won’t ring while you are in the middle of a meeting or attending class. All you need to do to set your phone in silent mode is to turn the device face down without having to open it to do it manually. Here is what you can do:

  1. Go to Profile and then select “State”, followed by “Sensor” and the “Orientation”.
  2. Select “Face down” from the drop down menu.
  3. Create a new task Select the “+” icon, then audio and silent mode. Select “On” or “Vibrate”.

Keep screen on while using reading apps

This task is activated whenever a reading app like Pocket is opened. Once it is enabled, Tasker will stop the screen from going off. In order to activate this task, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create new task and give it a name. You can use “Keep screen on” or something similar.
  2. Tap the “+” button, then choose Display, followed by “Display Timeout”.
  3. Adjust the limit to the level you desire and save the task. Then go to Profile, tap the plus icon and then select “Applications”.
  4. Select the apps for which the screen should be kept on.

Launch Music app automatically when your headphones are plugged in

When you select this option, your music player is launched as soon as headphones are connected. To activate it, you just need to do the below:

  1. Create a new profile, choose “State” followed by Hardware. Select “Headset plugged”.
  2. Create new task and give it a name. Then select “Launch application”.
  3. Select the music app you want to be launched.

Auto rotate screen for some apps

Landscape mode is the best option when watching videos. With Tasker, it is possible to toggle “Auto-rotate” on automatically when you open the app. Below are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Set up a profile, select application and then the app that you want to use.
  2. Create a New task and tap the “+” icon.
  3. Select “Display” then “Display Autorotate” to ON.

Night mode or Quiet time

You can save battery and avoid interruptions when you need to focus on a specific task, or simply want to disconnect from the world for a little while. Just turn WiFi off and set your phone in silent mode.

  1. Create a new profile and choose the time. You can select the time range that you prefer.
  2. Create a new task and tap the “+” icon.
  3. Go to Audio and then set Silent mode ON or vibrate.
  4. Go to Net and disable auto sync OFF and then Wi-Fi OFF.

Battery saving mode

It is possible to set the battery saving mode automatically when the battery is low on your Android device. Tasker can activate the battery saver mode to turn off WiFi, auto-sync and other options. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to Profile, then select “State”, followed by “Power”.
  2. Select Battery Level and then the range that you want to set, which could be between 0 to 20 for example.
  3. Create new Task and tap the “+” icon. Select “Net” and disable Bluetooth, auto sync, Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Turn Android lockscreen off in trusted locations

You don’t really need to keep your device protected from others when you are on your own at home or your office, so you may want to avoid having to unlock your phone in this case. When you set up this task, you can toggle the lockscreen off when you are connected to a trusted WiFi connection and then once you are somewhere else, you can turn it on again. You need to get the Secure Settings Plugin, which is available in the Google Play Store. It is worth noting that this is only for Android devices that have been rooted and if you are using a pattern. Here is what you need to do in this case:

  1. Create an entry task. It can be named as Lockscreen OFF. Then tap the “+” button.
  2. Select “Plugin”, followed by “Secure Settings” and “Root actions”.
  3. Set “Pattern lock OFF”.

Exit Task

  1. Create an entry task. You can name it “Lockscreen ON” and then tap the “+” button.
  2. Select “Plugin”, followed by “Secure Settings” and “Root actions”.
  3. Set “Pattern lock ON”.


  1. Create new, then select “State”, followed bu “Net” and “WiFi connected”.
  2. Enter the SSID of your WiFI network and link to the Lockscreen OFF Task.
  3. Long press the profile and add an exit task.
  4. Select “Lockscreen ON”.

Sleep Timer

If you want to fall sleep listening to music, making sure that it will stop after certain amount of time, you can get Tasker to cut audio playback after at a specific time. Just do the following:

  1. Create new task and tap the “+” button.
  2. Go to “media” and then to “Media Controls”. Select “Stop” under “cmd” and then select the music app by pressing the square grid icon located near the bottom right.
  3. There is a built-in function in Tasker that will allow you to activate this action.
  4. Go to your widgets menu and look for task timer.
  5. Drag the widget to your home screen. Once it is there, you will be asked to link it to a task.
  6. Select the Sleep Timer task that was created in the first step

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