Best time tracking apps for Android

Managing time effectively can be challenging when you have many things to do, but with the right organization tools, it is possible to do it. Technology offers great solutions that help you to keep track of the time spent on your daily activities. With your Android device and the right apps, you can manage your time and increase your productivity. We present a list of the best apps to track time so that you can get a clear overview of how much time you spend on each task. These apps will help you to learn to use your time in a better way.

Time Recording – Timesheet app

This app by DynamicG offers a complete time tracking solution that is packed with useful features. It integrates Android watch and allows you to track time using practical options like time assignment, daily and detailed notes, overview month, weekly and monthly reports, check in & out and more. It also supports Google Drive, OwnCloud and Dropbox, giving you the chance to backup and restore data without issues. The app offers many configuration options and it is easy to customize and to configure. You can select time and date formats, calendar options, hourly rates and other options.

TimeTune – Optimize Your Time

TimeTune Studio offers a solution that enables you to get the most out of your time. This
highly rated app allows you to boost your productivity by making effective changes on your daily routine. TimeTune offers a time management system that will suit different needs. It is great for students, parents, freelancers and anyone who wants to organize their routine better. It allows you to set up a schedule for your routine and it supports the creation of custom tags that let you check your daily activities easily.

aTimeLogger – Time Tracker

This comprehensive time tracking app lets you turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a powerful tool to organize your life. The timesheet allows you to get daily, weekly and monthly reports, presented as graphs and diagrams. The data will help you to manage your time better. If you want to find out how are you using your time and learn to spend it in a more efficient way, this app is a great aid. It allows you to take control over your routine and it is suitable for anyone with a busy schedule.

Timesheet – Time Card – Work Hour

With Timesheet by aadhk, you can track your working hours with ease. It also allows you to calculate your salary and create invoices for your clients. The app lets you keep track of your working-time and it is great for freelancers, technicians, salespeople and more. It features record punch in/punch out/pause options, time records filter, time record status, support for multiple jobs and clients, expense, auto overtime calculation, PDF invoice creation and more. It is one of the most convenient solutions to track your working time.

Timesheet – Time Tracker

This free app is another great option to keep track of time. It is easy to use and it gives you the possibility of recording your tasks using a simple push/stop button. You can assign a specific WiFi to a project and when the phone connects or disconnects to the access point selected, the running timer will start or stop the tracking. You can add expenses, breaks, notes and manage your projects as needed. It is possible to export data to Microsoft Excel. Timesheet by Florian Rauscha provides clear overviews and statistics.

Time Tracker – Timesheet

This is a very simple and effective solution to keep track of your time. It has earned a high rating on Google Play thanks to its smart capabilities that allow you to track your time without hassle. Gleeo Time Tracker doesn’t feature ads and it is very easy to use. You can track tasks and projects efficiently thanks to its fantastic interface that works perfectly on touch-screen devices. It is possible to switch between projects with a single touch and you can check statistics at a glance,

Time Meter Time Sheet

KAPP Development also allows you to track time easily and it will be a convenient solution in different scenarios. You can see how much time you spend on your studies, work, sports and other activities. You can easily start and stop recording time using just a few clicks. The app has practical widgets and it offers features like Google Calendar using Time Meter Extensions app, alarms, reminders and other convenient tools. It comes with a built-in calculator and tasker.

My Work Clock

My Work Clock by NRS Magic is a lightweight and straightforward option to track you time and increase your productivity. It is specially designed to help you to keep track of your tasks at work, using a convenient push-in/punch out clock & widget. You can add reports to the calendar and My Work Clock also gives you daily, weekly and monthly information. You can get simple reports, options to add, edit and remove records and more.

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