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Typing faster can help you to boost your productivity but it can be difficult to master the keyboard effectively. Luckily, there are good and easy to follow programs that will teach you how to type faster. In this list, we have included solutions that are focused on “touch typing” techniques that will let you remember the position of your fingers on each key while you keep your eyes on the screen. Here you can find programs suitable for those who are just getting started and for advanced typists who want to polish their skills.

Mavis Beacon teaches Typing Family + Personal

Many people have learned to type with the help of Mavis Beacon, a character that offers a personalized, easy and enjoyable learning experience focused on reaching goals. In order to progress within the program, you need to achieve the objectives set in each level so that you can move to the next stage. There are hundreds of exercises available that will help you to improve your typing skills easily and fast. With Mavis beacon, you will be able to advance your skills with each lesson since you have to achieve a minimum score in order to pass.

The lessons are entertaining and push you to improve in order to move to the next one and as you reach advanced levels, the lessons become more difficult. When you get started. the program uses a finger-to-key method that teaches you to place your fingers correctly on the keyboard and once this has been reinforced, it moves to chained keystrokes and chained sentences and paragraphs. All the exercises are set to help you to type faster and more accurately. The training modules can be customized to suit your needs and you can select the games and exercises you want to complete to address your weaknesses. Mavis is a well-known typing tutor and it is available for $29.99.


Typesy is set to teach you how to type easily and you only need to spend 7 minutes a day to develop your skills. The program was previously called Ultimate Typing and it is recognized for offering an engaging learning experience and for supporting a great selection of features. Typesy is a cloud-based solution that supports professional video and guides, as well as social sharing options. Each lesson is supported with a training video that shows you how to complete the exercise and how it helps you to improve your typing.

It also includes videos that show you the bad typing habits that you need to leave behind and to make learning easy and fun, Typesy also offers games that will allow you to achieve faster and more accurate typing. Typesy offers basic to advanced level so it is suitable for beginners and for users who are beyond the first levels. You can adjust the training to your needs and skills. Typesy is one of the best typing programs available thanks to its excellent user interface and extensive collection of video tutorials and exercises Typesy works on Mac, Linux, Chrome and Windows and you can buy it for $29,95

KAZ Type

KAZ or Keyboard A to Z is a typing tutor that offers an exclusive method to learn how to type easily and without hassle. You can learn to touch type in just 90 minutes thanks to the fact that KAZ uses Accelerated Learning Method. This solution allows you to get great results and its success has been proven by studies. The patented method uses 11 words in 5 sentences that are easy to remember and with them, you will be able to learn how to type in less than 2 hours.

KAZ offers a feature called brain balancing, which involves your sight, your hearing and touch in the learning process. You hear the words, see them on screen and touch the keyboard to type them, improving your typing and allowing you to become more efficient faster than other methods. The fingers on your left and right hand are trained to work in symmetry together as they learn the keyboard A to Z. The program includes typing tests and modules to speed up your typing. A single license of KAZ costs $29.99.

Typing Instructor Platinum

This is another great choice for anyone who wants to type faster and more accurately. Typing Instructor Platinum offers great features and a good variety of games and training exercises that will help you to see some progress within a short period of time. The program also includes a good selection of tips and advice that will help you avoid making common mistakes. Typing Instructor Platinum can adapt the lessons to suit your specific requirements and once a lesson is completed, the program identifies the areas in which you need to work and it suggests training that will help you to address your weaknesses.

Typing Instructor Platinum focuses on teaching you to improve your typing using a keystroke memory method. Whenever you press a key, you are likely to use the same finger so the software works upon repetitive behavior to reinforce your memory with the help of a variety of exercises. When you start using Typing Instructor, you will be asked to complete an initial exercise that will help the software to determine your level so that it can set your training program and goals. You can also select your own goals if preferred. The interface is appealing and it features over 30 virtual global destinations that will help you to track your progress in a fun way. It is available for $29.99.

Typing Master 10

Typing Master stands out for its Satellite learning feature, which allows you to type faster and more precisely, even when you are working on other tasks that require typing and not using the tool. Although the tool is very basic and doesn’t offer all the options and easy to use interface that the other programs in the list have, Typing Master Pro is a good option for Windows users thanks to its satellite learning. This feature analyzes your speed and accuracy to let you know what you need to improve and how to do it. The tool tests you regularly to help you keep track of your progress and to deliver suggestions that will help you to address your weaknesses and correct common mistakes. It is available for free, but you can upgrade for more features from $9.99.

UltraKey 6.0 Keyboarding Tutor

UltraKey is designed to teach you how to type fast with an effective, easy and highly accurate method that helps you to keep full track of your progress. The interface is advanced and designed to suit students and professionals who want to improve their typing skills. It also offers training areas specially designed for children and the program has versions aimed at schools and organizations. As you advance, the skills that you have acquired while using the software are reinforced in the future lessons and exercises. UltraKey lets you start with individual keystroke movements and the it moves on to typing exercises. It supports Mac and Windows and the price of the software is $39.95.


The above programs will help you to become a faster typer and while they offer different methods and features, what they have in common is that they are effective. All the options listed offer great advantages and the right choice will depend on your specific needs. However, Typesy, Mavis and KAZ deserve special attention as they are great tutors that offer an engaging learning experience and a great selection of exercises. Typesy is particularly helpful due to its great quality video tutorials and exclusive learning method. In addition, if you complete the full training course, you can get a certification which can be very handy when you are applying for a job.

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