Best Uninstaller Software for Windows

It is likely that you have many programs on your computer, but when you no longer need some of them, the best option is to uninstall them. A;though uninstalling a software application via the Control Panel is very easy and pretty much anyone can do it, using this default method is not a perfect solution. There may be junk temporary files and other unnecessary data left behind. In order to ensure that a program is fully removed and that all the data that you don’t need anymore is gone as well, the best option is to use an uninstaller software. Take a look at the best uninstaller software for Windows.

IObit Uninstaller

You don’t to pay a high price in order to get a feature-rich solution. IObit Uninstaller is a free software that offers powerful performance and impressive functionality. The program identifies and lists all the programs installed on your computer, but it can also filter the list so that you only see the applications that were recently installed or that are not used regularly. There is a variety of uninstall options to choose from including Force Uninstall, for the programs that are giving you trouble when you try to remove them and Batch Uninstall, which allows you to install multiple programs in a go. IObit Uninstaller is powerful and it can also uninstall browser toolbars and plug-ins that are affecting your browsing.

Revo Uninstaller Pro

Revo Uninstaller Pro is a well-known name when it comes to uninstaller software thanks to a great set of practical features. It can detect all the programs that are installed on your computer and it comes with multiple uninstallation options including Quick Uninstall. This is an option that removes the data without your intervention and it also supports automatic deletion of leftover files. There is also Forced Uninstall, which is a convenient option to get rid of the data that is left after a program has been already uninstalled. You just need to choose the program that you want to uninstall, select one of the options to uninstall and the program will do the rest.


Although CCcleaner is not exactly and uninstaller software, it gets the job done and even the free version offers great performance and comes with a lot of features. CCleaner is a popular system cleaning solution that is designed to help you to improve the performance of your computer by removing unwanted data and applications. It is lightweight and will help you to get rid of broken registry entries, unwanted files, missing shortcuts and more. Your computer will run faster and more efficiently, plus CCleaner comes with many tools that make it a fantastic solution. You can remove installed applications and delete what may be left of files that you have already deleted. It is also possible to find and delete duplicate files, manage startup programs, delete files securely and more.


Although at the start, it is not as easy to use as other options available, once you get familiar with Ashampo you will be able to manage what it offers, without major hassle. Ashampoo offers great functionality and it comes with pretty much every feature that you need from a software of its kind. It is possible to uninstall programs using a variety of methods including uninstall with auto purging of left over files and silent uninstall. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support batch uninstallation, unlike other programs in the list. Still, it comes with multiple features that will help you to enjoy better performance from your computer. If you go to the Tools sub-module, you will be able to find many sub-functions that let you complete an extensive list of tasks.

Absolute Uninstaller

If you are looking for an option that is simple, but that offers all the functionality required from an uninstaller, why not try Absolute Uninstaller. It is a no frills software that gets the job done with high quality. Although it doesn’t come with extras or advanced optimization tools, it can be the best solution for those who prefer an application focused on uninstallation. You can see all the installed software as a list, but it is possible to change the view and filter the listings to see just the programs that have been recently installed. You just need to select the program that you want to delete and press the Uninstall This Program button. It is possible to get rid of multiple programs at the same time, using the Batch Uninstall feature.

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