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Thanks to social media platforms, video creators can share their work with the whole world. Many people have found success on YouTube and they have millions of subscribers who eagerly wait for new content to be uploaded. If you are already creating videos for YouTube or are considering to start your own channel, a good video editing software is a must-have. This tool is crucial, not only for YouTubers, but for anyone who creates video content on a regular basis. There are different options available and the type of software you select depends on your specific needs. Free editing video programs are ideal for people who are just getting started. You also need to consider your preferred platform (Mac, Windows or Linux) when selecting a video editing software. There are video editing solutions that offer advanced features like 3D-rendering. In the end, the best video editing software for you is the one that suits your requirements and the list below will help you to find the options that offer the best quality.

Final Cut Pro X

For Mac users, Final Cut Pro X is the best option without a doubt. This video editing software offers amazing performance and a powerful set of features. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to use the software without any problem because Final Cut Pro X is very easy to use. Although you have to pay $299 for it, Final Cut Pro X is defiantly an investment worth making if you want a software that works seamlessly with your Mac and that offers everything you need to edit your videos with top quality.

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a leading video editing solution that offers all the necessary features to create amazing videos. This comprehensive editor offers powerful performance and its interface is straightforward and user friendly. It supports all the Adobe tools including Photoshop and Adobe Audition, giving you more options to create unique videos. More than a video editor, Adobe Premiere Pro is a versatile platform that allows you to access the top creative tools available. It works with Windows and macOS.

Hit Film Express

Hit Film Express is another free solution and it stands out for offering professional functionality. Although it will take you some time to get the hang of it, Hit Film Express will impress you with its advanced features and it may be the right choice for those who want to increase their knowledge and video editing capacity. Hit Film Express works with pretty much every video and audio format that you have heard of. It also features over 100 visual effects and with the help of the tutorials, you will be able to take full advantage of the software.


This is an optimal solution for macOS users who need a simple solution that doesn’t require a high investment. In fact, iMovie is available for free and it comes pre-installed on your Mac. It features a clear and user-friendly interface and it offers all the options needed for video editing tasks. The software is easy to use and it also works fast. If you are a beginner, this is a solution that will help you to get used to video editing software before moving to a professional application.


Shortcut is ideal for people who are just beginning to create their own videos for YouTube. The software is available for free and it gives you the functionality required to edit your videos. The tool is also open source and it is very easy to use so it is a great way to learn video editing. You can practice and work on small projects before making your way up to professional software. While Shortcut is a free software, you won’t feel that it is too limited in terms of features. It is also great in terms of compatibility as it works on Mac, Linux and Windows.

Adobe Premiere Elements

With Adobe Premiere Elements, you can easily edit videos and create short videos. Although it is not free, it is less expensive than professional options and it offers an advanced set of features that will allow you to learn the video editing process. The interface is well designed and it offers intuitive performance. Adobe Premiere Elements is a powerful, yet simple solution that offers hundreds of effects and a great selection of musical scores to make your videos stand out.


While Lightworks is not as complete as other options mentioned in the list, it is a lightweight software that doesn’t consume a lot of system resources. You can enjoy all the features needed for video editing. In addition, LightWorks supports import and export formats options, giving you even more flexibility in this area than Adobe Premiere Pro. The software stands out for its fast rendering speed and its fantastic processing. The real-time editing function, the great collection of filters and the multi-camera editing support are some of the features that make it worth considering.


If you work on 3D modelling projects, Blender is the solution that you need and while it is not exactly a video editing tool, it does include this feature. This open-source software is available for free and it is ideal for people who want to work on 3D modelling. Blender works on Windows, Mac and Linux and while it takes some time to learn how to use the software, once you do it will impress you with all the features available to create great videos.


This open-source solution offers fantastic performance and it is also very easy to use. While it is not as feature-rich as the likes of Adobe Premiere Pro, it gets the job done when it comes to editing videos. OpenShot supports basic functionality and it is a practical alternative for people who want a video editing solution that is free and easy to use. You get features like audio mixing, title templates, animated titles, unlimited layers, audio mixing and many video effects. It also supports HDV, AVCHD and more.

Avid Media Composer

Although Avid Media is a professional solution with a high price tag, recently a free version of the software has been released. Avid Media Composer allows you to enjoy the high quality that Avid offers, without having to pay the high price that studios and professional film makers pay for the company’s advanced solutions. If you are only looking for a basic editor that works well and that delivers professional results, Avid Media Composer is definitely worth trying.

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