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Voice to text is a practical solution that can help you to send messages faster and boost your productivity. The first automatic voice texting system was introduced by Nuance, a company with an extensive experience in speech recognition solution. Thanks to this innovative technology, people were able to dictate messages and send them while they were focused on other tasks that didn’t allow them to type. Many drivers who needed to send urgent messages, rely on the voice to text functionality and developers have taken note of the advantages of this technology and have implemented it on new devices and apps. Here you will find a selection of great voice to text apps that will help you to send text messages in an easy way, even if you can’t type.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is an app by Nuance, a pioneer company in the world of voice to text solutions and one of the leaders in this field. Dragon Dictation is powered by the exclusive Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology and it is designed to be up to 5 times faster than traditional keyboard typing. You can speak and instantly see your messages and emails converted into text. It also supports Facebook and Twitter and it is also a practical way to create reminders and notes while you are busy. It supports an extensive list of languages.


TalkBox Voice Messenger

TalkBox is an innovative and fast way to send, share and post voice messages. It offers a platform that allows you to communicate with friends, family and colleagues without having to type. It supports voice messages and texts and you can even hold voice chats easily. You just need to speak into the phone, let the app convert your words with great accuracy and turn them into short voice bubble that will appear on a chat. It offers options like photo sharing and location sharing, apart from instant voice and text messaging. TalkBox also lets you hold group chats with up to 9 people. It works on Android and iOS and it is free.

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Speechnotes – Speech to Text

With Speechnotes, you will be able to enjoy an incredibly fast and efficient voice typing experience. It offers a unique voice and punctuation keys-commands combination and it supports Bluetooth. It even lets you send emojis and you can dictate long messages and take pauses, without worrying about the app stopping, since it offers a continuous experience. The interface is well-designed and gives you easy access to all the features supported. Speechnotes also allows key-typing and voice typing at the same time. It is available for free on Google Play, with some in-app purchases required for access to more features.


Voice Text

Created by TalirApps, this is a convenient and fast solution to send messages without having to type. You just need to speak into the phone and let the app will follow your voice and turn the words into text that you can send within seconds. You can use the dictation capabilities of the app to send messages, emails, tweet, post on Facebook and more. The app also allows you to edit the messages and social media posts with the help of a list of suggested words. Voice Text supports several languages, it is available for iOS and it costs $4.99.


Voice Text (by Matthew Rice)

You can forget about the keyboard and use your voice to send messages, make phone calls and more. With this Android app developed by Matthew Rice, it is possible to manage your texts and calls in a fast and efficient manner. You can listen to the text messages received as the app will read them out loud for you and you can dictate your response and send it without having to type or use the keyboard. The app offers multiple customization options, including the possibility of setting up your own commands, and it doesn’t drain your device’s battery. It is available for free, with some in-app purchases.



Google’s GBoard is a new and practical keyboard that offers all the options that you need, including easy access to emojis and GIFs. It alos offers a more efficient, faster way to type. You can opt for Glide Typing, which lets you type fast by sliding your finger from one letter to another. The app also supports voice typing, which is wahy it makes it to the list of the best voice to text options. You can dictate on the go for easy online searches when you are on the go.

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Speak – Text to Speech

Speak by Loci Verrall is a simple and effective text to speech solution for iOS users. It offers a clean, elegant interface with access to many convenient features. You can adjust the volume, pitch and rate of the voice and customize the app according to your preferences. The app works offline and the app is completely free and without ads.


Voice Dictation for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps available. It allows you to send messages for free as long as you have an internet connection. Having an option to send WhatsApp messages without typing is very handy and that is what this app by Volgan Shpitz offers. You can simply dictate your message and send it, thanks to the solid voice typing and recognition technology that the app supports. It supports multiple languages and currently, it is available for $1.99.


iSpeech – Text to Speech

This is a popular solution that supports voice recognition, but it focuses on converting text to speech. You can enter any text and the app will immediately read the words out loud. There is a variety of voices available and you can purchase additional options that sounds more natural. It is a good solution for studying, teaching children vocabulary and more.

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