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Best WiFi Flood Lights

It is highly convenient to be able to remotely control your lights through your smartphone, voice assistant and remote control. Not only does it help in making our lives more comfortable it also offers energy saving benefits. The good news is there are now a lot of choices for smart lighting for the inside of a home. Unfortunately, there are only limited choices for lighting for the outside of the house. Though this is the case, there are quite a few good products.

If you are not planning to integrate your lighting system that would need a hub, then, it is best that you go for the WiFi option. By using the mentioned option, you will be able to connect them to your normal home WiFi network which also allows you to control them in many ways.

You could also integrate your lights with a smart home platform which surely is very beneficial and convenient.

Types of Flood Light

There are two types of flood lights and they are the following.

Washer Flood Lights

This type of lights are usually flat and it could be mounted on walls, ceiling or even on your garden ground. They could highlight your wall, plant, water fountain or a structure. It provides you options in terms of color. Since this type of light does not have a focused type of light, they were called and have been known as washer lights. This type of light could also be used as a general area.

Security Flood Lights

These type of light on the other hand would provide focus on the illumination rather than the aesthetics. They usually come with motion sensor which would turn the light on when it detects movement. They are white in color only. Though this is the case, it allows its users to adjust the color temperature and brightness. This type of light usually provides temporary light for movement and it is also a light which is used to scare intruders.

Best WiFi Washer Flood Light

Novostella Security Flood


  • Supports Tuya, Alexa, Google Assistant
  • 4500 lumens
  • Adjustable light panels
  • Tuneable white 2700- 6500K
  • Integrated light and motion sensor
  • IP65 weather rated
  • 1 year warranty
  • Needs Tuya account for control
  • 120V

The Novostella is considered as a security type of light. It is highly recommended with its combined output of 4500 lumens. Each of its panel come with a motion sensor which could be positioned according to your preference. Its light is very bright and its color temperature could be adjusted from warm to cool and vice-versa. Its brightness could be dimmed when motion is not detected.

Aside from its infra-red motion sensor, this security flood light has an ambient light sensor as well. This feature ensures that lights will not turn on unnecessarily.

Potential Concerns

This flood light does not have a plug which means you will need to hard wire it into your home’s electrical wiring. Moreover, if you are outside North America, you wouldn’t be able to get this product due to its different wiring standards in other locations.

Novostella AuroraLux


  • Supports Tuya, Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Comes in multiple colors simultaneously
  • 4 animation modes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • IP66 weather rated
  • 2 years warranty
  • Tuya account for control
  • 120V only

This model is very unique. It could be used outdoor and is designed with blaze range with IP66 weather proof rating. Multiple colors could be projected simultaneously. Its color sequencing could be done through pre-set modes provided in the app. Keep in mind, however, that this feature cannot be done through voice assistant. Though this is the case, for sure this feature is useful and perfect for parties. It could be used as a small stage lighting.

Potential Concerns

Its AuroraLux brightness is not the same as its Blaze brightness. It is rated at 60W but this is still at a higher end of range. Its body is plastic.

UME Smart Security Light


  • Supports Tuya, Alexa, Google Assistant
  • 3000 lumens
  • Adjustable light panels
  • Tuneable white 2700-6500K
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • IP54 weather rated
  • 5 year warranty
  • Needs Tuya account for control
  • 120V

Though UME is a smaller brand, they have quite a few decent alternatives to Novostella’s security light and one of them is the UME Smart LED Security Light. The UME Smart LED Security Light comes with two light panels and has an output of 3000 lumens. It also comes with infra-re motion sensor. For its brightness, you will be able to adjust the temperature from warm to cool white light and vice-versa. Its motion sensor is also adjustable according to its sensitivity. Lastly, this security light has five year warranty.

Potential Concerns

Though the warranty of this product is long, the brand is lesser known which means there are only quite a few customer ratings which means it would be difficult to know if they will honor the 5 years and if they will be around longer.

Wixann 40W Flood


  • Supports Tuya, Alexa, Google Assistant
  • 16 million colors
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Tuneable white
  • IP66 weather rated
  • Supports 110-220V input
  • Antenna for extended WiFi range
  • Tuya account for control

The Wixann 40W Flood is another great alternative to Novostella. Its specs are quite similar and it has the same external WiFi antenna. Moreover, this device comes with IP66 weather proof rating. It is also dual voltage and it runs on Tuya platform.

Potential Concerns

There are not a lot of information about this brand. They also do not have any warranty as well.

Things to Consider

Power Supply

Power supply is one of the most important things that you must check and consider especially with outdoor lighting. Low voltage lights could use extendable weather-proof cable. However, with flood lights this is not possible as they usually need more power. Hence, you will need to have outdoor power outlet for each light. You could also use weather proof-ed extension cords.

Color or White?

This is another thing that you must consider. Would you like to get plain white flood lights or would you want a full color one?

Smart Home Integration

Having WiFi to control your lights is very convenient. You will be able to control your lights remotely. You will also be able to set timers as well. This means, you will have to check the integration of your flood lights to your smart home platform. By doing this, you will be able to access more features and add more functionality. However, unfortunately, when it comes to WiFi flood lights, integration options are limited.


How are WiFi Flood Lights powered?

WiFi flood lights are always and permanently powered which means, you will need a wall socket or hard wiring for it. Washer lights could be powered easily through an outdoor power outlet. Security lights on the other hand would need to be wired.

What is an IP rating?

It is a standard rating which tests a certain criteria. It tests if devices could withstand an external factor penetrating the device itself. For example it would test a device if it could resist water and dust. Two numbers after IP provides the rate where 1 is the worst and 8 the best. If you would find x in the rating, this means test was not done for that specific category.


Flood lights outside home could provide you better ambiance and it is useful as well. By integrating WiFi enable smart lights would cost you the same which is why it is highly recommended that you go for the smart technology option. This way it would be easier for you to control your lighting. We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you the best options that would suit your needs and preferences.

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