Who has the better cloud Xbox One or PS4?

Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 are leading consoles in the gaming industry. Both offers great features and compete to offer the best possible online capabilities. On one hand, the Xbox One stands out for integrating Azure and OneDrive, while PlayStation 4 is leading the way when it comes to streaming games. Here we will take a look at what these popular gaming consoles offer in terms of cloud features.

Xbox One Vs PS4 – Which one is the winner?

Choosing the best option between this two can be difficult and in the end, it is a matter of preferences. There are different aspects to take into consideration before making a decision but right now, we will focus on what Xbox and PS4 offer in terms of cloud technology to select the option that provides the best experience in this category.

Sony PlayStation 4

In the past, Sony didn’t really spent too much time and effort implementing a solid cloud based infrastructure. Before acquiring Gaikai, Sony didn’t have a true high-speed streaming and cloud system. However, things have changed lately and Sony has enabled used to upload gaming clips to social media websites and popular streaming platforms like YouTube. The PS4 offers decent performance when it comes to storage and clips are stored in the 500 GB HDD. The same goes for screenshots, although in most cases the media that is uploaded, stored and streamed is gaming-related content.

Gaikai also streams content directly to a PlayStation 4 and it doesn’t save any data in the cloud in order to allow sharing or storage. It can be said that the PS4 doesn’t really have proper cloud storage functionality, at least not in the traditional sense. If you have a PS+ membership, you get 10 GB of “cloud storage” to upload the files saved, but there is no more to that. There are no dedicated cloud storage apps available on the platform. The gaming console is focused on streaming content, not to save it in storage.

Microsoft Xbox One

Cloud technology is a stronger area for Xbox One than for PlayStation 4. Microsoft has managed to take advantage of Azure and OneDrive to offer a better cloud storage experience for Xbox One users. Microsoft enhanced the performance of its gaming console with the help of Azure’s servers. The OneDrive application available on Xbox One, as well as Xbox 360 offers syncing across all Microsoft services. Previously, OneDrive offered up to 15GB of storage space, but this has been reduced to just 5GB. Although the storage space has been reduced, Xbox One still has an advantage because it allows players to download their photos, music and videos to the console.

In addition, they can access gameplay footage and save files to their smartphones, tablets or computers. It is also worth noting that in the battle to decide which console offers the best experience in terms of cloud storage, Microsoft’s Xbox One takes the lead thanks to its ease of use, innovation and support. It has implemented stronger cloud capabilities thanks to Azure and One Drive. OneDrive for Xbox One allows you to view videos and photos on your TV. It is also possible to play slideshows and access content that others shared with you.


Microsoft’s Xbox One is ahead of Sony’s PlayStation thanks to its infrastructure and the fact that it offers a traditional cloud storage solution. Unfortunately, the storage capacity has been reduced and now Sony is offering more than Microsoft in this area. Still, Xbox One has benefited greatly from Azure and OneDrive and it offers a more solid and versatile option in terms of cloud storage. However, it is worth noting that Sony has the advantage when it comes to streaming capabilities. Sony’s focus on offering a better streaming experience is clear and PlayStation Now, PS Vita and other options are proof of this.

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