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Bissell Bolt Ion 2-in-1 Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Review

The Bissel Bolt vacuum is a compact and affordable vacuum cleaner powered by battery. It features very attractive design, yet the functionality is rather poor.

The Deceiving Looks 

First impressions may mean a lot, but this is not the case with the Bissel Bolt vacuum. True, it looks very appealing. Stylish orange and silver design, compact, size, flexiblehandle– all of these aspects create a memorable first impression. That is, before you actually start using it. But first things first.

The model is very easy to assemble – you just snap the handle to the vacuum head, and you’re good to go. Plus, the Bissel Bolt can stand on its own and has a flexible handle, which ensures easy and quick access to some of the normally unreachable parts – for example, under sofas, cabinets, etc.

In addition, the model can be plugged in or powered by battery. Battery life is rather poor, though. With the normal suction, it will stay ‘alive’ for approximately 30-40 minutes, while the high suction will kill the battery in less than 25 minutes. Refilling the battery takes 4 hours, though.

The Bissel Bolt is a very light model (just 5 pounds), so it is supposedly good for vacuuming the walls. Great maneuverability is also a nice feature for apartments clustered with various furniture items.

The Poor User Experience 

However, when it comes to actually using the vacuum, the performance is very disappointing. First of all, its suction capabilities are far from impressive. In fact, it seems to create more mess rather than help you get rid of the existing one. Vacuum cleaning one room will require tremendous amounts of time and effort.

The balance is also disappointing. Even though Bissel Bolt can definitely stand on its own, sliding through the room is next to impossible with this hoover model. It tips backward and sideward more times than you can possibly count, which is annoying at the very least. Plus, small, poor functioning wheels literally seem to get stuck in the carpet.

In addition, the small bag needs constant emptying. To reach for the dust bag, you will need to remove vacuum handle – and this is hardly the most pleasant process in the world.

Key Points      

The main pluses – cheap price, nice design, impressive maneuverability.

Disadvantages – poor suction, lack of balance, malfunctioning wheels, small dust bag.

The most important thing about Bissel Bolt is that it requires too much effort to get the job done.

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