BlackBerry Priv accessories appear online, include leather and slide-out cases

While the BlackBerry Priv has now been mentioned by BlackBerry CEO John Chen, and has had two Toronto sightings, nothing becomes official until it starts appearing in print. That is becoming the case for BlackBerry’s upcoming Android smartphone, as accessories are now making their way online. The evidence comes courtesy of BlackBerry fan site CrackBerry.

The BlackBerry Priv accessories include leather smart flip cases (black and tan; ACC-62173-001, ACC-62173-002), Sync Pod w/ 1.2m USB cable (ACC-62175-001), Sync Pod Nest (ACC-62178-001), three slide-out cases, one in “Military Green” (ACC-62170-003), Lagoon Blue (ACC-62170-002), and Black (ACC-62170-001), a Leather Holster (ACC-62174-001), and two leather pocket cases, one Black (ACC-62172-001) and the other Tan (CC-62172-002).

Around the same time as the device has accessories online, the BlackBerry Priv has also received Bluetooth certification.The device has three different model numbers, with the Bluetooth certification published on October 7th. The device in question is listed as a “smart phone,” further confirming Chen’s words and the rumors surrounding the device.

The BlackBerry Priv has been named by the Canadian manufacturer, but no release date has been given (although rumors continue to point to November in the US). The BlackBerry Priv will arrive at national carriers AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. With a November release date, it’s not surprising to see accessories released for what BlackBerry is hoping to be a turnaround for the nostalgic company.


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