BlackBerry Priv gets first update, now has improved photography and security support

The BlackBerry Priv arrived on the market in something of high demand: the device sold out at online retailer Amazon, and is nostalgic for former fans who’d abandoned BB OS for Android. The Priv has an interesting name, but it’s short for “privacy,” which can seem to be a misnomer if you consider that Google thrives on mobile ads and data-gathering processes from Android users on mobile and desktop (just think Chrome’s web browser).

Now, though, the BlackBerry Priv is getting its first software update, which the company says via its official blog is 475MB in size. The new update brings security support, with BlackBerry adding security patches for the BlackBerry Priv on a monthly basis as the company promised to do. In addition to security support, which should put the Priv right up there with Nexus devices in terms of monthly security updates, the BlackBerry Priv also has improved photography with regard to 16:9 photo support, improved speed in the Priv’s camera app, and improved low-light performance with photos.

As for the security improvements, BlackBerry has issued the December security updates for the BlackBerry Priv (keeping in line with Google’s monthly security updates for Nexus devices), all while improving app crashes and screen freezes.

Other changes include adding WhatsApp contacts to the Hub & Contacts, and the addition of emojis to the BlackBerry Priv predictive typing setup.

To get the new update on your BlackBerry Priv, head on over to your update settings and hit that button. For more information, hit up the link below.


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