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Going to the gym is one of the trends nowadays especially to health buffs and health conscious individuals. However, going to the gym could also be inconvenient with all the traffic and all the buzz going on with your everyday life. One way to save time and to reduce the hassle of going to the gym is putting up your own gym at home.

One equipment that is a must in your home gym is the Bowflex Revolution. Unlike other equipment that you have to purchase one for weights and another for cardio training, the Revolution allows both cardio and muscle building workouts in one equipment.

The Bowflex Revolution is versatile that no matter if you are a beginner or advanced user, you will not have a hard time burning those fats or building your muscles.

To have a better understanding of how this equipment works, below is a review about the mighty, the most versatile equipment, Bowflex Revolution.


The Bowflex Revolution comes with measurements of 9ft Length, 3ft and 2” Width and Height of 6ft. and 1 inch. It has a workout area of 10 feet L x 7 feet W and when it is folded up, it measures 4 feet, 7inches x 3 feet, 2 inches. It also weighs 336 pounds and its resistance is about 220 pounds.


This equipment though is loaded with numerous functions; is easy to store with it being foldable and it also does not require huge space. However, it is heavy to move from one place to another. It offers about 100 types of exercises and its 220 pound SpiraFlex Resistance could be upgraded to 300 pounds.

The Revolution also comes with solid hand grips which ensures stability. Challenge exercises are available with this equipment as it gives you options such as leg press up to 600 pounds of resistance, up to 170- degrees movement with its Freedom Arms feature and 5 position harness. It also comes with an instructional manual and workout.

Workout Information and Data

Through its durable and solid make up and depending on your re-configuring abilities, you will be able to experience and enjoy maximum work out with the Revolution. One way to re-configure this equipment is by removing the back support and you will have a multi-position bench.

The Revolution also offers stow attachments that allows you to customize it, however, take in mind that it could cost you extra. But also, we say it is a great investment as you will be able to do numerous types of exercises such as:

1. Overhead extensions

2. Seated shoulder press

3. Leg extensions

4. Leg presses

5. Bicep curls

6. Preacher curls

7. Incline chest press

8. Hamstring curls

9. Concentration curls

10. Seated row

11. Side lateral raises

12. Upright row

13. Pec fly

14. Weighted crunches

15. Triceps pushdown

16. Rope crunches

17. Lat pulldowns

Warranty and Shipping

The Bowflex Revolution comes with a ten-year warranty which covers material and workmanship but labor is covered for 90 days only. As for its shipping the equipment could cost you a bit as the Revolution is heavy and as for assembling the equipment, might require you to have an assembly crew to put everything to work. This equipment also comes with a user manual to help you and guide you to weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

Advantages of Bowflex Revolution

  1. The Bowflex revolution was inspired by other equipment such as PR1000, Blaze, PR3000 and Xtreme 2SE. Thus, you are assured that the revolution is tried and tested. It comes with the Spiraflex system which elevates resistance training.
  2. This equipment provides its users comfort. Its seat is wide and its bench is narrow which makes allows to boost your motion capacity.
  3. The Revolution has a locking pin which ensures efficient body positioning. It also allows users to make adjustments and its resistance factor enables users to maximize their workout.
  4. It is easy to use and has wide range motion capacity.

Challenges of Bowflex Revolution

  1. You will need to maintain your Bowflex Revolution regularly. Though there is a removable cover that includes an engine plus instructions on how to take care of your equipment
  2. You will need to wipe your equipment regularly as well. This way it will not collect dust, perspiration and dirt.
  3. It is difficult to setup.


The Bowflex Revolution has numerous features included in it and it is also one of the best equipment that would help you in making you healthier and look better. It also allows you to do both cardio and muscle building exercises by using just one equipment. The only downside of this equipment is it is quite pricey but when it comes to health and beauty, price does not matter as it is a lifetime investment.

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