Best Browser Strategy Games

Browser-based strategy games are one of the most enjoyable games to play. They are also the easiest games to find and to acquire. The reason behind this is because these types of games are free and at the same time you would not need to have a high-end system for you to play. In fact, you would not even need to allocate additional storage space for these types of games. Moreover, you could play it on any device which has a browser and internet connection.

If you are curious and would want to find these type of games, browser strategy games online, you came to the right place as through this article, we shall provide you a list of best browser strategy games. In this list, you would find different types of strategy games. Some are short and fun while some are time consuming and would require time investment. If you prefer luck over startegy why not check out some of the best online casinos or have a game at iGaming NJ

Best Browser Strategy Games

Little War Games

Little War Games is a real time strategy type of game. It could be played on your browser. This game is a little bit toned and simplified version of RTS type of games.

In this game, your goal is to form an army with limited castle workers for you to be able to defeat your enemies. You would need to learn how to micromanage resources, mobilized your army and strategize on how to defeat your opponents.

This game includes custom maps which could help you in your game play and its different game modes allow you to play as a single player with the CPU AI or play together with your friends. Moreover, it also allows you to join competitive matches with other players as well.


A free and open-source game, Freeciv is a turn-based strategy type of game. It is based on the original Civilization II. In this game, you would play the role of a leader of a tribe in the ancient times. As the leader of the tribe, you would need to guide your tribe into civilization. To do this, you would need to expand your group, discover technologies, develop and create infrastructure and even acquire other nations.

Strike Tactics

Browser-based RTS game, Strike Tactics is worth checking with its amazing visuals. In this game you would need to improve your skills on base-building, manage resources, make technological advancements and research. Do not be confused as this game is fast-paced. You would, in fact, have to defend yourself from a lot of enemies and could be a bit challenging. At the start of the game, you would be working in a command center together with other worker drones. This means, you would need to command drones to gather resources. You would also need to build construction sites such as Mech Factory, Silo, Tech Lab and many more. Lastly, you would have to create space troops and defeat your enemies and even conquer bases.


Developed by Wild Dream Studio, Undergrave is a short, simple strategy dungeon crawler type of game. In this game, you would need to play the role of a Ronin who has a goal to bring back his loved one from the depths of Void Realm. As you go through the mentioned journey, you would have to defeat the monsters and enemies that would block your way and stop you from completing your journey.

In this game, you would be able to jump, throw and dash. You would have to be careful especially when roaming around and using your action point.

Shogun Showdown

Comes with combinations of different genres, Shogun is a rogue-like, deck-building elements type of game. It is a bit pixelated turn-based fighting game and yet it is a strategic type of game.

In this game, you would need to select and use a weapon card for you to be able to defeat your enemies. You would also need to change your position once in awhile and dodge attacks coming from your enemies.

This game is simple, lightweight and it is perfect game to be played on a web browser.


A card-based strategy game, Waterworks is one of the most favorite games of gamers. In this game, you would be responsible for the water supply for every household of the old town Grudziadz. You would also need to build new technologies and develop the town into the new age. All of these of course is only possible through the help of cards that you would pick. You could either use them to help you with your goal or discard those that you think would not.

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