Bug In MGS V Will Corrupt Your Save File

Konami has released information regarding a bug currently in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain which can corrupt save files, making them unusable.

Konami is working on a fix to the bug but until a patch is available Konami does have a workaround that will prevent the bug from corrupting your files. The bug only effects if you bring Quiet with you on missions 29 or 42. If you refrain from doing that, the bug won’t be an issue. The bug apparently covers all versions of the game regardless of console or PC setup so all players need to be aware.

The bug is a bit of a bump in the road in what is looking more and more like Konami’s console farewell tour. With MGS creator Hideo Kojima leaving Konami later this year and Konami’s public plans to focus on mobile games (and turn their major franchises into pachinko machines) MGSV is looking to be the last major release by Konami for sometime.

While The Phantom Pain has sold some 3 million copies thus far it likely need to do much better before the game becomes profitable for Konami. Word is that Konami was far from thrilled about the games rising budget which may have been part of the reason Konami is not focusing on console releases going forward.

The bug may actually be an interesting case study in Konami’s console focus going forward. Will the bug be dealt with quickly, will the patch take time, will it come at all? If they fix the bug quickly it may be a sign that Konami isn’t giving up on the console market after all. Until then, there is a workaround, even if it is potentially annoying.

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