Tips on Building a Top-Class Budget Streaming Setup for Gamers

Around ten years ago, the concept of a top-class budget gaming setup might have been laughed out of the building. 

Nowadays, thanks in part to technological advancement and the acceleration of digital transformation, building a reliable budget gaming setup might be easier than ever before. 

  1. Take Your Space into Account

Not all mics are made equal, nor do they all do the same job. Your gear will be somewhat influenced by the space you wish to stream in. 

For example, suppose you have a relatively bare space with wooden floors and you hear a slight reverb or echo at the end of every sentence. In that case, you might want a dynamic mic like the classic SM-57, as this will probably be better for cutting out unwanted background noise. 

Condenser mics like the Blue Yeti X might work better for smaller spaces with more acoustic dampening like carpets and clutter. 

An audio interface is a must as it can help your sound flourish to the best of its ability. The Focusrite Scarlett series might be unbeatable in terms of budget options. 

  1. A Decent Camera is a Must

While a built-in camera on a modern laptop might work for calls and meetings, it will likely fail to impress in a Livestream. 

Logitech’s C920 is probably one of the best budget webcams to check out right now, but there are even cheaper options for around 20 dollars if needs be. 

In many cases, hitting the big streaming numbers means taking the time to develop a professional-looking setup, which is possible on a budget. 

  1. Software 

Streamers generally tend to use software for a vast array of handy advantages, such as cutting out backgrounds, establish overlays, set up payment options, and many other interactable elements for viewers to enjoy as you stream. 

Implementing and mastering software is probably the bridge between amateur and professional in many ways, so it is worth looking out for. 

Streamlabs OBS is one of the more popular options, as it offers great features for no extra cost or a prime upgrade for a small fee that boasts more storage space and functionality.

The streaming software is also crucial because it often plays an integral part in the video encoding process

  1. An Extra Monitor can be a Stream-Saver

Being able to flick between screens with all the difficultly of simply moving your eyes to the other monitor can be a huge time-saver or just a stream saver in general. 

For example, it can help you interact with your chat with ease without having to stop gaming for even one second. 

You can always use a different device to do this if you can’t afford another monitor quite yet, but they are always worth picking up later on down the line when your channel starts to grow. 

Thankfully, there are some great budget monitors out there, like the HP 24mh or the Samsung CF396. 

If you’re looking to accomplish your setup goals sooner rather than later, then you might want to consider applying for a personal loan suitable for making your goals a reality. 

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