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Bunn Phase Brew HT Review

A coffee maker has one basic function:  brew a good cup of coffee.  If all you’re looking for is a good, average, everyday cup of coffee, then any coffee maker will do.  But if what you’re looking for is an amazing cup of coffee, an eye-opening rush of coffee in the morning, a coffee maker that gives you a high-priced experience for a fraction of the cost, then this Bunn Phase Brew HT is the coffee maker for which you’ve been searching.

Why We Like It

Sleek and compact, powerful and cost-effective, the Bunn Phase Brew HT can put the finishing touch on any newly remodeled kitchen, or complete any kitchen bedecked in the splendor of days gone past.

Simple to use, the Bunn Phase Brew HT has an auto start function that includes a timer that can be set to a full 120 minutes auto shut off delay.  The LED display is easy to read, including the clock.  Ever fill the reservoir too full?  The Bunn Phase Brew HT has included a water level window so this doesn’t have to happen.  The thermal carafe is a standard component, and the cleaning warning indicator is a welcome addition.  The sleek, steel construction makes it durable, and cleanup is a snap.

The Bunn Phase Brew HT won’t crowd any cabinet, having a small footprint at only 10.5 inches depth, 9 inches width, and a height of 15.6 inches.  The water reservoir sits atop the coffee holder, decreasing the width of the coffee maker.

If you have a large gathering around the coffee pot in the mornings, the cup capacity of the Bunn Phase Brew HT could prove problematic.  With a capacity of only 8 cups, that can leave some having to wait until the second pot is brewed before being served.  A larger 12 cup maximum capacity might have been more convenient for some, but the 8 cup capacity should not be a deal breaker for very many.

The Bottom Line

The Bunn Phase Brew HT is a coffee making workhorse that will perform like its more expensive counterparts at a fraction of the cost.  Compatible with any ground coffee, the Bunn Phase Brew HT is sure to get you going in the mornings and continue to provide delicious brewed coffee throughout the day.  Just fill it up and let it work!  It doesn’t get much easier than this.

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