Cameo – Video Editor and Movie Maker for iOS

Vimeo is a popular website that allows users to view and share video content in high definition. In order to help people to edit their videos and transform them into material that is worth sharing on Vimeo, they have created Cameo, a simple video editor solution and movie maker that works with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It allows you to combine clips and to add music and text to create short films that can be shared on Vimeo and other online platforms. With Cameo, you can let your creativity shine through and surprise friends, family and even the world with unique videos that showcase your talent. Here is more about Cameo.

How Does it Work

Cameo gives you the possibility of editing and sharing cinematic videos on your phone. You can put together short clips from your Camera Roll or capture new clips and with just a few steps, you can edit, trim and splice them. There are high quality video filters and themes to choose from and you can also add music to add a special touch to your videos. Cameo gives you control over the way you merge and edit your clips so that you can create your own mini-movie.

The editing options allow you to adjust the order of the clips, edit the length, add text and more. Once you have created a video, you can preview it before uploading it and sharing it on Vimeo and on your Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter profiles with just one tap. It is also possible to embed videos on websites or send them to your friends via WhatsApp, iMessage or email. Cameo is also ideal for creating videos for Vine and Instagram.


Cameo offers video tools that are powerful and effective, without being complicated. The videos can be saved at any resolution, in fact, 4K is supported on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The video editor functionality allows you to adjust the audio, add titles and captions to create a short film.

The app includes a great selection of high-quality themes and effects that will allow you to create impressive movies. The music video editor features a list of free songs from a variety of artists. You can add a soundtrack to your visual work and showcase it in Vimeo’s ad-free HD player.


Cameo is one of the best video editor available for your iOS device. It is easy to use, powerful and allows you to create fantastic movies with your videos. It is useful for anyone who wants to create beautiful and professionally looking videos for Instagram or Vine. It can also be a fun way to present clips that you recorded during your holidays. Cameo is available for free and offers seamless and effective performance.

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