Best Free Alternatives to Camtasia for Mac and Windows

Camtasia is a tool for those who would want to start creating video blogs and screencasting. It is known to be very efficient and useful platform. It comes with amazing features that allows you to record face, record screen, video editing and adding effects. Though this software is quite very useful and easy to use specially for beginners, unfortunately, Camtasia comes with a price and for those who are in a budget, this software might be a little bit too expensive. Hence, we have decided to feature alternatives which you could explore and try on your Mac and Windows.

1. EZVid

EZVid is one of the best alternatives for Camtasia. It supports Windows and it has the latest version of screen recording which could capture ongoing activity. Unfortunately, this software does not have the capability to edit videos but it could capture videos and add it to timeline where you could edit it. This software also allows its users to upload screencasts to YouTube.

2. Expression Encoder

Expression Encoder is launched and created by Microsoft for Windows users. It could record screencast while recording your webcam video and audio narration on microphone. It also allows its users to add voiceovers and use its Audio Overlay feature. The only downside of this software is it has a limitation of 10 minutes long video recording.

3. CamStudio

CamStudio is another perfect alternative for Camtasia. This software has been just updated and has completely got rid of bugs from its previous versions. It could record on-screen and audio activity. It could also create AVI video files and convert videos into streaming video files.

4. Jing

Jing is one of the best free software which was developed by TechSmith. It supports both Windows and Mac. It could be used for recording demos, tutorials, presentations and many more. It could also capture audio and screen. Moreover, it also allows its users to customize the area you would like to capture.

5. Screencast-O-Matic

This tool is web-based and also has a standalone software which supports both Windows and Mac. Its web-base, however, requires Java for it to be able to record screencasts. The only downside of this software is it only allows recording for only 15 minutes and if you need to record longer video, you will have to upgrade to their pro version. Also, it does not allow its users to customize its screen area and has pre-defined screen areas only.

6. Webinaria

This software is offered for free, however, it only supports Windows. It could record activities on your desktop and allows recording audio and video. It also allows its users to upload their videos to the web in an FLV format. In addition to that, you could also edit your videos. The only downside of this software is it could not save or upload other formats like AVI.


That concludes our list of best alternatives for Camtasia which you could choose from, use and explore. We hope we were able to help you find the best software that will suit your taste and video recording needs.

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