Best Car Sun Shades

When you park under the sun, it would be hard to avoid for the sun rays and heat getting into your car through your windshield. Sometimes, the steering wheel of your car gets too warm to hold and the seats are too hot to sit on. These situations are not only uncomfortable but also harmful to one’s health.

One solution to decrease the heat from entering your car is through the usage of a sun shade. Car sun shades reduce temperature and protect the occupants in your car from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Here are the best car sun shades you could choose from:

1. Windshield Sunshade UV Protector

Cars come in different shapes and sizes and this is not a problem for Windshield sunshade as it also has different sizes to offer. Its design is universal and compatible with all types of vehicles. So, no matter if you own a truck or SUV or minivan, the windshield sunshade would get you covered.

This model ensures that it protects your driving wheel, dash and seats from the sun’s scourging heat. It also keeps the UV rays away and reduces the threat of overheating your car. After usage, this sunshade is easy to store with its foldable two -piece support structure connected in the middle by a fabric. All you have to do is fold it and store it in its pouch bag.

2. mAuto Car Windshield Sunshade

For creative car owners who want to put personality on their cars’ sunshield, mAuto Car Windshield could provide this to you through their designed sunshields. They have the following designs:

* Angry eyes

* Blue Eyes

* Nerdy Eyes

* Sleepy Eyes

* Purple Flirty Eyes

Not only would your windshield look cool, it also protects your car from UV rays and heat through its two layered materials. These materials reduce heat damage and usage of air conditioning.

This sunshield is also easy to setup and to store as well with its Velcro straps.

3. Type S Universal Fit Jumbo American Flag Shade

For those who want to show their love to their country, the US using the Type S Universal Fit Jumbo American Flag Shade is the best way to show it. With the American flag as your windshield sunshade, there’s nothing more but national pride showing.

This sunshade is durable and could last for a long time. It is one size fits all and could cater to huge vehicles such as SUVs and trucks. Small cars could also use this sunshade but could crinkle a little but if you are not too sensitive on that, this sunshade would serve its purpose well by protecting your car from UV rays and hot temperature.

4. EzyShade Windshield Sunshade

This sunshade is created by one of the most popular brands in the market- EzyShade. Known to create high quality shades, you will not go wrong with this sunshade. Their sunshades come in three different sizes- small, medium and large all of which caters to all types and sizes of cars.

This sunshade was created with double shade which ensures extra protection from heat and UV rays. It also comes withThe only downside of this sunshade is it produces glare on the outside which could be uncomfortable to passersby.

5. Plasticolor Star Wars Accordion Sunshade

Star Wars fans, hold it, hold it, yes there is a sunshade perfectly made for you. This sunshade includes Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Obi Wan Kenobi. Aside from its design, it is made with wide width and protects your car from UV rays and reduces temperature. It is also easy to store as well.

6. Shade Pro Car Sun Shade

This car sunshade comes in different sizes- standard, medium, large and extra large. It is a sunshade that is known for regulating temperature which makes one’s vehicle cooler. In fact, this sunshade has many great reviews stating that its temperature reduction really works and its fit is perfect to any type of vehicle you have. It also has a money back guarantee.

7. Kinder Fluff Car Windshield Sun Shade

This is one of the most popular product in Amazon and is often sold out. It is created with polyester and a metallic finish that serves as a protection from UV rays and fends off warm temperature. It is easy to store and easy to fold. It also comes with a storage bag where you could keep your sunshade in when not in use.

Kinder Fluff Car Winshield Sunshade comes in one size but could fit most types of vehicles.

8. BDK 2 Dogs Auto Sun Shade

This sun shade is for dog lovers. Its design includes two dogs seating behind your windshield. Its design does not have any glare that could be uncomfortable to passersby. It is easy to store as well with its Velcro strap.

The BDK 2 Dogs Auto Sun Shade has a double bubble material which ensures the product is not easily destroyed and could be used for a very long time. Its size fit most types and sizes of vehicles.

9. Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade

Made of high quality products, this sun shade is very durable and sturdy as well. It is easy to store and performs its duty of protecting your car from heat and UV rays well. This sun shade fits any windshield that has below 63 x 33.87 inches in size.

This sun shade has numerous positive reviews and provides great customer service to its clients who encounter problems or has inquiries.

Car Sun Shades Buyers Guide

There are numerous factors that need to be considered when choosing the right sunshade for your vehicle. Though it may seem easy to purchase, it is actually the opposite as if you mistakenly purchase one that would not suit your car’s needs, it could cost you some money. Through this article, we will enumerate a list of things you would need to consider before purchasing a sunshade and they are the following:

  1. Size – This is one of the most important factors you will need to consider when purchasing a sunshade for your car. You will need to ensure that the sunshade you will purchase will cover your whole windshield and provide you the maximum protection from UV rays and high temperature.
  2. Heat/Temperature Reduction and UV Protection- One of the most important purposes of having a sunshade for your car is to be able to reduce the heat that your car absorbs from the sun and second, to fend off those harmful UV rays.
  3. Color and Design- though you might not see this as something very important, it is considerate to check if your sunshade would be uncomfortable to the eyes of the passersby. Note that some sunshades give off glares and this could be very disturbing to those who would come across your car.
  4. Materials – Another important factor is the materials that your sunshade is made of. It is important that the materials used could withstand the heat and the sun for long periods of time. There are some sunshades that deteriorate easily because of low quality materials used.
  5. Style- This would be your personal choice but remember style could make a huge difference in comfortability and level of difficulty in terms of being able to store your sunshade.
  6. Portability – since your will be on the road and will be bringing your sunshade with you wherever you go and stop, it would be very comfortable if you could store your sunshade with ease.

Folding and Storing Windshield Sunshades:

Storing your sunshade depends on the type or style your sunshade.

  • Steel Ring- when storing your steel ring sunshade, all you have to do is twist the shade into two rings in opposite directions and it will automatically fold into half.
  • Concertina Roll-Up – it is as easy as just rolling up this sunshade then strap it with its Velcro-ed straps and store in your trunk.
  • Concertina Accordion- this sunshade could be folded flat. Once you have folded it, just strap it and store in its storage bag.

With today’s climate change where we could feel more heat coming from the sun, our cars absorb this heat and makes it uncomfortable to ride. Aside from that, the harmful UV rays gets in as well. It usually takes time for the temperature to decrease to a comfortable level and could waste a lot of time as well if we wait for it to happen. With car sunshades, these dilemmas are no longer a reality as its purpose is to reduce the temperature of your car and fend off those harmful UV rays. Hence, we recommend that you store one in your car in case you need to park your car in a very hot spot.

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