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How to change HTC One M9 Lock Screen Wallpaper

The HTC One M9 is considered by many as one of the best Android devices available thanks to the impressive selection of features that it supports. Its functionality is so varied and rich, that you may not even know about some practical options that can enhance your experience with this smartphone even more. There are many ways in which you can personalize the HTC One M9 and one of them is to choose the right Lock screen wallpaper for your HTC One M9. In this guide, we will tell you how to change the HTC One M9 Wallpaper so that the device matches your preferences, even in this area. Here are the two methods that you can follow.

How to change HTC One M9 Lock screen wallpaper – Option 1

1. To start, you just need to press and hold an empty space on the Home screen. This will bring up the edit mode, where you will be able to add widgets, adjust homescreen settings and change the wallpaper.

2. Select the Wallpaper that you want to use. Then select Lock screen

3. In the pop-up menu, select Use home screen wallpaper

4. It is worth mentioning that by default, the HTC One M9 smartphone offers many wallpaper options that you can go for. However, if you don’t like any of the default wallpapers available, you can select “More images”, which allows you to get one of the images taken using your HTC One M9. You can select between the below options:

  • Select a photo from Gallery by tapping on Use custom wallpaper
  • Tap Themes to use a wallpaper from the Theme Gallery
  • Tap Photos if you want to select a wallpaper from those photos that are stored in Google Photos app at the moment.

5. Once you know the image that you want to use, you just need to press the Set Wallpaper button.

How to change HTC One M9 Lock screen Wallpaper – Option 2

  1. This method is very fast and simple. The first step for this method is to go to Settings, then select Personalize
  2. Tap the option that says Change wallpaper, which is located under Lock screen
  3. Tap any of the following: “Use home screen wallpaper or select one of the options from above” and then simply select the Set Wallpaper button.

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