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How to check the iPhone repair status online

If there was an issue with your iPhone and you had to bring it for repair, it is possible to track the status online by checking the Apple repair status page. Users in different countries including United States, Australia, China, Germany and Canada, can use this option to find out what is going on with their devices while they are being repaired. In order to check the iOS device repair status online, you will need to know the Case or Repair ID provided by the Apple authorized service provider, as well as the postal code of your device serial number.

The case ID/Repair ID can be obtained from Apple service center or from confirmation email. The serial number can be found using Apple support guide. With this information, you can go to the website ( and check the status of the repair. Keep in mind that if the wrong information is entered, you will get an error message stating the following: “Your Case, Repair ID, Postal Code, or Serial Number was entered incorrectly. Please try again”. Below are the simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Go to Apple device Repair status page
  2. Enter Case or Repair ID in the first field
  3. Enter Postal Code or Serial number in the second field and then click “Submit”.
    You will see the current repair status of your iPhone.

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