How to choose the right video production company: 5 tips

A video promoting your business is your first opportunity to impress your target audience. When choosing a video production company to create engaging explainer videos, showreel videos or any other video graphics solutions for your business, there are a few things you need to consider. Labelling a company as a “video production company” does not guarantee quality video production, screenwriting, editing or marketing. We have shared the five pro tips for choosing the right production company:

Take a look at their portfolio.

The video portfolio can often be found on the production company’s official website. By looking at previous work, you can ensure that the videos they are producing meet your standards. You will have an idea of the company’s video quality by reviewing its portfolio.
Is it attractive, appealing and professional? You should ask yourself these questions when you look at the previous work of the manufacturing company.

Compare their portfolio with your concept

The video production company you are interested in has a broad portfolio and excellent recommendations. So what? The production company is more than high reviews and an extensive portfolio.

It would be best to make sure that the company you employ can create something similar to the concept you have in mind. If you look at their explainer videos portfolio, you’ll know ​​whether their style matches what you look for in your videos. This will significantly facilitate employment decisions.

Learn how they will manage your project

You should hire an agency that can manage all aspects of the production process. You should know:

  1. Can they bring a thought with you to align your video viewing?
  2. Do they have professional screenwriters?
  3. Do the actors give, or is there a casting company they can recommend to you?
  4. What types of equipment do they offer?
  5. What is the installation location, the number of people and the price?
  6. Does this include editing?

Ask about marketing

Business promotion, even videos, is an ongoing process. When hiring a video production company, ask questions about marketing your videos on various platforms to reach as broad an audience as possible. Learn how to place videos on your company’s website to increase online traffic and attract visitors looking for information about your company.

Get a quote

Video production companies charge different prices for video production services. Your goal should be to find an affordable production company that will record videos you are proud of and achieve the desired results.

Zelios meets all these criteria above. Contact us to create great things together!

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