Chrome Custom Tabs, promised with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, are now rolling out

Remember Chrome Custom Tabs? Google said at its Google I/O 2015 announcement that it would bring the feature to Android Marshmallow and allow users to access information without leaving the app to do it.

It’s been some months since the promise (since September 2015, four months to be exact), but Google hasn’t forgotten. The company has started rolling out the feature to users randomly, so all are not yet seeing the feature. The same thing happened with Google Now On Tap before it rolled out to all Android users.

Chrome Custom Tabs creates a situation where you can access a number of news stories, for example, and still have a quick and easy access to the app itself without heading into another Web browser, then find your way back to the thing you were looking at (if that sounds difficult, know that it was difficult to write! ).

Apparently, Google realizes that more users on Android are using applications like Flynx and Chromer to access news that not only lets them view articles and webpages, but also eliminates ads and doesn’t clutter webpages. Google makes money from mobile ads, so it remains to be seen whether or not Google’s Chrome Custom Tabs are up to the current challenge.


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