Chrome fingerprint support in the works

Google is committed to Chrome, its web browser, and has been constantly improving it. We’ve been hearing a lot about Google bringing Android apps to Chrome, which should enhance its functionality for those who want their laptop to work like their smartphone. Now, a new report says that Google Chrome fingerprint support is in the works.

The source shows that Chrome fingerprint support was placed in Chrome code as far back as last month, August 19th, and, as usual, comes with some discussion about how fingerprint support is working out or not working out. Bug fixes and changes are part of the usual code placement before a feature is unveiled. Google may be gearing up to announce Chrome fingerprint support when it announces its new HTC/Google Pixel devices by month’s end or October.

Chrome fingerprint support would serve a number of uses in Google’s mobile web browser. For one thing, it would help users log into websites, even Google services such as Gmail, with a fingerprint. Chrome fingerprint support would also help users log into Chrome with their finger and prevent someone who steals a device from gaining access to the victim’s personal information (including web activities in Chrome). Chrome fingerprint support would be good for purchasing and downloading apps from Google’s Play Store (the Android app implementation will serve well here).

Google is not only looking to push Chrome fingerprint support but is also looking into marking sites with “http,” not “https,” in their URLs as insecure, and has already brought Android Pay and credit card support to Chrome. Android Pay is Google’s mobile payments system that is designed to compete directly with Apple’s very own Apple Pay, but has one drawback in that it relies on Near Field Communication (NFC). Android Pay, like Apple Pay, are crippled in offering NFC while Samsung Pay, Samsung’s mobile payments system, works with NFC terminals as well as traditional credit card machines (via MST, magnetic swipe transmission). We do applaud Google for adding Chrome fingerprint support, which is necessary to ensure that Android Pay is safe, secure, and easy to use.

Chrome is well known for its data saver that cuts down on cellular and WiFi data used to access it as well as Google Translate — a feature that lets users translate from any unknown language to their spoken language.


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