Clash Royale Chest Cycle

The Clash Royale Chest Cycle is the model used by many other games to base the chests that players obtain after winning a battle. Today, we will take a closer look at the chest order in Clash Royale. Many people think that the Silver Chest takes the higher percentage, followed by the Gold Chest in a lesser percentage, and finally the Magical Chest, which is believed to be very rare. The truth is that the way in which the Chests drop in Clash Royale is based on the game runs.

In essence, there is a chest drop order or chest cycle in game. Every Chest that you receive after the battle relies on this order. Once the cycle is completed, it will restart again. The Clash Royale chest order list starts with 6 Wooden Chests during the Training Camp. The chest cycle stops if there is no chest slot available. Bear in mind that the pattern may change overtime and it is possible that the order has been updated already. There are generally over 200 Chests (240 in total), you will find 52 Gold Chests, 4 Giant Chests, as well as 4 Magical Chests.

More information about Chest Cycle

Legendary Chest

This chest can be obtained when you hit 2000 trophies. Below Arena 9, it is certain that you can get a Legendary Chest every 2 periods. Once you reach Arena 9, there is a Legendary Chest in every chest period. The Legendary Chest randomly replaces a chest in the Clash Royale Chest Cycle. If you move between Arenas, the rate of Legendary chest would be one per 2 cycles. In order to get one chest every cycle, you should stay in Arena 9.

The Legendary Chest was added in September 2016. It is available in the Special Offer menu in Shop. It is not very common and you will need to use Gems to buy the chest, but it doesn’t offer gold or gems. It is only possible to purchase one Chest from the Special Offer store per day. As mentioned earlier, the Legendary Chest can also be obtained after a battle. It features Legendary from all Arenas and unlocks any Legendary in game.

Super Magical Chest

The Super Magical Chest replaces one chest in the chest of the chest drop cycle that we mentioned before. It offers more rewards than all the other chests including the Gold, Silver and Magical. Unlike other chests in Clash Royale, which drop following a pattern, the Super Magical Chest works in an almost random way. It is possible to obtain one Super Magical Chest for every 500 chests that you have gotten through the regular cycle. It can drop anytime inside the 500 chest cycle. Players will continue in the cycle and won’t get another Super Magical Chest until the 500 chest cycle is completed. The 500-chest cycle starts when you reach 400 trophies so if you are below that, you won’t be able to get a Super Magical Chest. After you get into the cycle, it won’t stop, even if you go below 400 trophies.

What happens if you don’t have any open chest slots?

Even if that is the case, you won’t miss any chest. The chest drop cycle pauses if your chest slots are full. It is not possible to just do matches with fulfilled slots so that you can get the Magical Chest or Giant Chest. You simply can’t bypass the next chest in the cycle, it will always appear no matter what happens.

Use the Chest Tracker App to track down the Clash Royale Chest Cycle

You may have heard about the Chest Tracker app, a practical solution to track down the Clash Royale chest cycle from the start. Since it is a native app, you just have to open it after you have installed it and it will help you to check the Clash Royale chest cycle easily.

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